"With Talend, we do now compare and analyze actual and target financial figures for quarterly planning within five minutes. "
Simon Hopkins, IT Manager, Pernod Ricard Deutschland GmbH
1 data pool
1 unified, reliable data pool obtained using Talend DI
8 hrs. to 20 min.
From 8 hours to 20 minutes to import data
5 min. to analyze
5 minutes to analyze data for quarterly planning

Accelerating financial planning

Using its parent company’s reporting structure was time-consuming and resource-intensive for Pernod Ricard Deutschland GmbH, and the structure’s lack of transparency and unreliable data often provided inaccurate figures for reporting. Pernod Ricard wanted a solution that could check, correct, back up and integrate data into a single platform in order to obtain a “single point of truth.”

The company selected Talend Data Integration and engaged TIMETOACT as its IT service provider, to move data from a range of data sources to a central data warehouse.

Pernod Ricard now benefits from a unified, reliable data pool, which has made it possible to make better decisions. The company is also taking integrated data from several sources and transferring it to business intelligence solutions—a process greatly simplified by Talend’s intuitive and transparent graphical user interface.

Talend Products Used

Data Integration
Respond to business needs for integrated data


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