"We use Talend to help translate big data from the world’s leading retailers into real-time insight."

Brian Tomz, VP Product & Strategy, Order Dynamics

1TB of data

1TB of data collected from customers daily

Hrs. to secs.

Hours to seconds reduction in processing time

Predictable pricing

Predictable pricing with per-developer pricing structure

Empowering more agile and intelligent commerce experiences

OrderDynamics translates big data from the world’s leading retailers into real-time insights, but before it can do that, the company needs to transform disparate data streams into uniquely refined, usable structures that can be loaded into its decision intelligence application. It became apparent to OrderDynamics that the ETL tools it was using did not have the power or scalability to handle an ever-increasing volume of data.

After thoroughly investigating potential solutions, the company selected Talend Data Integration on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for several reasons: its ability to transform a range of data formats, its scalability and configuration on AWS, its flexibility in allowing the company to write its own Java on top of out-of-the-box processes, and its ease of development and use.

Implementing Talend has improved OrderDynamics’ ability to quickly transform complex customer data, which has led to increased productivity, greater customer satisfaction, cost savings, and—because the company can now better handle the influx of new data and still deliver high-quality analytics—to business growth.

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