"Today we have a clear picture of our gaming business in each country and for each vendor. Talend allows us to improve our decision-making and plan the future more accurately than before."
Sébastien Foucault, Manager, Orange’s Gaming and Transmedia Department
2 dozen reports
2 dozen reports from Talend-fed data warehouse enable company to analyze its business in detail
1 session
1 training session is all developers needed to learn Talend
Existing processes remain in place. Adopting Talend did not require altering processes

Analyzing sales data to calculate commissions

The Gaming and Transmedia Department within the Orange group brand of France Telecom maintains close relationships with gaming-vendor partners through a process of revenue sharing. To improve this process, Orange wanted to calculate the amounts to be paid to its partners in several European countries. That required the department to aggregate all sales data for each game vendor by country, but Orange had no way to do this and no business intelligence solutions to support decision-making.

Orange adopted Talend Data Integration to benefit from a shared repository and facilitate exchanges between developers. Talend now transforms data sent in different formats into a single format and loads it into a data warehouse. Sales data is correlated with other information, enabling Orange to create about two dozen reports, including ones that enable the company to calculate commissions and analyze its business in detail.

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