"With Talend, we manage our services to advertisers, publishers and our wholesale activities, all in real-time."

Sylvain Priser, Information Systems Architect, Naville


Reusable integration services reduce development time and costs


Increased scalability of apps enables rapid changes to match demand


Interfaces that correspond to business processes support SOA success

Distributing and informing in real time

Naville deployed Talend Data Integration back in 2008 to meet its needs for data flow interoperability and integration between applications, including external flows from partners. Recently, to build on that foundation and add a real-time dimension, Naville deployed Talend Data Services/ESB. The company’s overall goal is to deploy an SOA to improve responsiveness and benefit from interoperability in near real time.

With Talend, Naville manages in real time its services to advertisers, publishers and its wholesale activities.

Because Talend is based on standards like Apache and Eclipse, Naville is guaranteed to easily find expertise available on the market. The streamlining made possible with Talend prompts a significant decrease in costs, both at the operational level and in terms of IT projects.