"With Talend, we are tracking the path of a piece of meat all the way from the farm to the supermarket counter."

Thomas Reichenberger, Head of IT, Müller Fleisch

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450 connectors to a wide variety of systems bundled with Talend data integration platform


Real-time integration among SAP modules’ aggregated data then loaded into a data warehouse

Tracking and tracing meat with a strong sense of responsibility

Müller Fleisch, one of Germany’s most-successful meat-processing companies, needs its software to cover every step in the value chain—from procurement, slaughtering and carving up the animals through production and recipe optimization to integrated pricing and efficient picking and packing. To support all its internal processes, Müller Fleisch uses various SAP modules for financial accounting and controlling.

Müller Fleisch selected Talend Data Integration because Talend includes an ETL process for SAP integration.

Müller Fleisch staff now have access to transparent sales and development data, and higher-quality information flows into the decision-making processes, improving control and product selection.

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