"With the kind of precision farming we help enable, agribusiness can better protect margins in this fast-moving, competitive market."
Michael Ross, Director for R&D, Agriculture and Trading Products, DTN
file formats supported
30-40 percent
developer staff reduction
Industry-wide hub
for agribusiness monetized information

Connecting agribusiness for better crop yields and farm profitability

DTN is transforming the agriculture industry for such customers as John Deere, Monsanto, Pioneer and AGP with game-changing agricultural information solutions and market intelligence. The IT landscape in agriculture has long included a myriad of data sources, including ERP and financial applications that are highly specialized for agriculture, agronomy packages about the science of farming, GIS and sensing applications, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Agriculture is a very low-dollar, high-volume market. By using Talend ESB to handle integration and offer a clean, consistent set of interfaces to valuable data, DTN saves partners and integrators the time and expense of building a myriad of point-to-point integrations. DTN’s information platform is rapidly becoming an industry standard for agribusiness information sharing. The billing model is a mix of subscription and value-added services.

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