"Talend Data Integration is now part of our day-to-day global operations and is an integral part of our core business systems and processes. We are successfully integrating Oracle, Infor, Salesforce and manufacturing systems on a larger scale than anything we could have even considered before."

Russell Jacobs, CRM (Service) Business Analyst, Domino Printing Sciences


Automated data integration tightly couples ERP, CRM and SQL systems


Processing of purchase orders now automatic


Reports automatically emailed to suppliers optimizes supply chain

Improving supply chain efficiency

A global leader in developing and manufacturing total coding and printing technologies, Domino Printing Sciences plc was spending hours to manually extract, move and report on data from its combination of ERP, CRM and SQL systems, including Oracle and Salesforce.

Domino selected Talend Data Integration to automate those tasks and synchronize data among its core business systems. The company now runs through Talend a growing number of production processes it relies on for daily operations, and is able to do things it couldn’t before, such as automatically email the output of scheduled reports to suppliers,

thereby improving the supply chain. Domino has also automated purchase order processing and receiving from a subsidiary in Germany, and has integrated its manufacturing execution system with Oracle. With a single, common, automated data integration tool, Domino frees up valuable time and drives efficiencies across the business that will have a major impact on its bottom line.

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