"With Talend, we consolidate information on vessels, sailors and owners to obtain a cross-disciplinary vision and improve maritime affairs management"
Michel Lollichon, Project Director, The Directorate for Maritime Affairs
14 sources
14 heterogeneous data sources
6 interfaces
6 data exchange interfaces facilitate exchanges with different information systems
1K users
1,000 users of new information portal

Monitoring maritime employment and vessel activity

The Directorate for Maritime Affairs is responsible for maritime safety, maritime training and education, monitoring of seafarers, development of the national flag, recreational policies and nautical activities. It manages and produces a massive amount of data via its business intelligence information system.

After a series of tests, the directorate decided to deploy Talend Data Integration to take advantage of its collaborative work features and version management.

Talend now applies consistency and quality controls to data from 14 heterogeneous sources, each based on different database technology. Consolidating this data enables IT to complete dashboards that support decision-making and broaden the spectrum of analysis for the directorate and other administration bodies.

Talend Products Used

Data Integration
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