"Our success is built on a wide choice of restaurants and fast customer service. With Talend, linking up our source systems is child’s play.”"
Brian Leonard, Data Warehouse, Delivery Hero
20GB of data
20GB of data transformed and loaded by Talend each month
14 countries
14 countries; Talend collects data from them all
30 min. or less
30 minutes or less to create a new job in Talend

Accelerating food delivery service with global data

Delivery Hero was receiving the raw data it needed to analyze its business, but that data was scattered across 21 countries and stored in a wide variety of formats. The company lacked a central data warehouse, and lacked a way to collect local data from around the world, transform it into a suitable format and upload it to a data warehouse. In addition, it lacked the kind of speedy process that would make the most-recent data available for analysis within minutes.

After a successful proof-of-concept (POC), Delivery Hero deployed Talend Data Integration, collecting data from 14 countries.

Less than 15 minutes later, the company has all the data it needs to carry out meaningful analyses. Integrating new data sources is now a simple drag-and-drop operation, which helps the company stay on top of a big data store that’s getting bigger daily, and helps Delivery Hero analyze that data to find actionable insights.

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