OEMs Talend Data Integration to Empower DIVA's New GEXSUS Solution

Data Integration Platform from Talend Speeds Integration of Major Financial Systems to Prepare for Regulatory Compliance.
The matured user interface and ease of use were a key factor in selecting Talend.
Kenji Nakamura, DIVA America

Japanese software solution vendor and systems integrator, DIVA helps its customers prepare for IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standard) with Talend Data Integration.

DIVA provides professional services related to financial consolidation and financial management for major corporations across Japan. Of the top 50 corporations in terms of market value, more than half are DIVA customers. DIVA’s approximate 600 corporate customers are among Japan’s leading publicly listed companies and play a central role in the nation’s economic development.

Regulatory compliance creates the need for technology

DIVA’s products and services are focused on how companies consolidate and manage their financials as well as comply with regulatory requirements and pressures. Several years ago, the International Accounting Standards board created a new set of accounting standards called International Financial Reporting Standards, or IFRS. The goal of IFRS is to provide a global framework for how public companies prepare and disclose their financial statements. Few companies in Japan are starting the shift over to the new standards with many more to follow and a complete switch over expected by 2017.

DIVA’s focus is on how to help these companies prepare and take the next steps toward the new standards.

Technology challenges that impact compliance

In an effort to assist corporations in Japan with their adoption of IFRS, DIVA wanted to create a solution that larger firms could use, but that didn’t require heavy investments in integrating the various accounting systems that already exist.

DIVA set out to develop a new solution called GEXSUS with the mission of enable customers to have a single repository for their financial data. GEXSUS’ purpose is to generate a group accounting management data warehouse to consolidate financial data including general ledger information and supplemental data from subsidiaries in a single location. The challenge DIVA ran into was how to move data from existing ERP and GL systems into the data warehouse. To achieve ultimate connectivity with various kinds of data sources, DIVA was searching the solution to allow users and systems integrators to develop custom ETL processes in addition to standard adaptors provided by DIVA.

OEM program Powered by Talend comes to the forefront

After evaluating several other vendors and solutions including Pentaho and CloverETL, DIVA evaluated Talend Data Integration and selected it for its ability to complete the data integration piece of its GEXSUS solution.

According to Kenji Nakamura, former Technical Architect, GEXSUS Product Development, current CEO, DIVA America, “The matured user interface and ease of use were a key factor in selecting Talend.”

GEXSUS embeds Talend Data Integration by integrating customized Talend Java based Data Integration jobs within its own job execution manager. The integration jobs take  data from various general ledger and accounting systems and move that data into a financial data warehouse where it can be stored and analyzed for IFRS readiness.

The ease of integrating and embedding Talend within the GEXSUS application, as well as the proficiency of deploying at customer sites are the primary advantages of Talend’s Embedded model. “With the help of Talend, we are able to provide a very flexible and customized integration infrastructure to systems integrators and end users who would like to adopt GEXSUS into their existing GL and ERP systems” continues Kenji Nakamura.

The ROI of Talend

Projects such as IFRS are long in nature and are quite costly. Talend has enabled DIVA to deliver its GEXSUS solution to more cost effectively to its customers, the first of which will go live on the solution in early 2012. With the integration of Talend into the GEXSUS solution, a typical customer who may spend in upwards of $12m to integration accounting software to hundreds of its subsidiaries can now shave millions from that solution in order to adopt IFRS standards.