Electrocomponents Increases Performance and Reliability of Systems with Talend Enterprise Data Quality

Whilst the initial decision factor for Talend was cost, we are now highly impressed with the capability of Talend Enterprise Data Quality and are driving decisions based on its functionality.
Thomas Schad, Operational Data Manager at RS Components’ Group IS

About Electrocomponents

Founded in 1937, Electrocomponents plc is the world’s largest distributor of electronics and maintenance products, sourced from over 2,500 suppliers. Today, their range comprises around 500,000 products.

Operating under the trading brands of RS and Allied, the 5,600 employees of Electrocomponents help deliver market-leading reputation for service excellence to 1.5 million customers, in 80 countries.

The Group operates in 27 countries and sells to most of the remaining countries of the world via third party distributors. The main operating countries equate for more than 15M article listings and in access of 5M customer and contact records. The Group satisfies the small quantity product needs of its customers who are typically electronics or maintenance engineers in business. A large number of high quality goods are stocked, which are dispatched the same day that the order is received. The Group has a large number of customers from a wide range of industry sectors with diverse product demands. This means that the Group manages tens of thousands of orders for customers across the world each working day. Data quality is extremely important to ensure goods are delivered to the customers reliably and safely.

Talend Enterprise Data Quality - ideal tool to deal with data volumes

In order to protect Electrocomponents’ main applications, most of the data quality analysis is done offline. “Traditionally we would perform data quality analysis through long running downloads and days of analysis in standard tools of common software providers,” explained Thomas Schad, Operational Data Manager at RS Components’ Group IS “However once reaching their limits (approximately 2GB of data), these tools started falling over and got unreliable.”

By implementing Talend Enterprise Data Quality, Electrocomponents was able to reduce the download time on their Web-based system from 3 days to less than 2 hours and to reduce the processing time of existing customer data quality analysis from 2 days to a few hours. “This high level of performance has raised our confidence in open source so much that we are now targeting direct system extracts from the SAP CRM and our Website database in order to build a complete new customer data quality reporting.,” said Thomas Schad. “The massive reduction in processing time also means we can now run data quality analysis on a much more frequent basis and on demand.”

Electrocomponents had first looked into data quality tools from traditional vendors but had failed to overcome the initial internal investment proposal hurdles. The fact that Talend’s open source solutions were available and freely downloadable has opened up the door for the required investments into Talend Enterprise Data Quality.

Without any training Electrocomponents was able to use Talend Open Studio for Data Integration and Talend Open Studio for Data Quality in a very quick time period by simply following the online tutorials and On Demand Webinars. Once they had been able to prove the benefit and justify a very small investment, they expanded on this investment by deploying Talend Enterprise Data Quality and are rolling it out into other areas of the business dealing with master data analytics.

“Whilst the initial decision factor for Talend was cost, we are now highly impressed with the capability of Talend Enterprise Data Quality and are driving decisions based on its functionality,” clarifed Thomas Schad.

In agreement with the business owners, IT teams are now able to pull data of the main application system SAP and the Web database under Oracle, which has given them a much higher flexibility to react on changing analysis demand. Changing the download can now be done in minutes compared to days of change request approvals and system transports.

“Having implemented Talend Enterprise Data Quality only a few months ago, we are still in the process of building most of the data quality applications and are overwhelmed by the capabilities which still lie ahead,” explained Thomas Schad. “We have, for example, just created the new CRM downloads with more than 41M records across dozens of tables into MS SQL. Without external assistance, this has taken us just 3 days development of which most time spent was on understanding the source data structure. The overall time spent on professional training required to optimize the usage of Talend has so far been about a week only. Again a very small investment compared to other software vendors.“

“Talend Enterprise Data Quality has massively enhanced our capabilities on data management, data conversion and data analysis”, concluded Thomas Schad. “Given the fast growing community and open source character we are expecting a lot more to come and are willing to invest further in its usage within RS Components.”