Domino Printing Sciences Automates Data Integration to Improve Supply Chain

Global printing specialist uses Talend Data Integration for automated integration of critical data to improve supply chain and increase productivity
Talend Data Integration is now part of our day-to-day global operations and is an integral part of our core business systems and processes. We are successfully integrating Oracle, Infor, Salesforce and manufacturing systems on a larger scale than anything we could have even considered before.
Russell Jacobs, CRM (Service) Business Analyst, Domino Printing Sciences


Founded in 1978, Domino Printing Sciences plc has established a global reputation for the continual development and manufacture of its total coding and printing technologies. Through a global network of 25 subsidiary offices and over 200 distributors, the company sells to over 120 countries. In 2010, Domino Printing Sciences plc achieved a turnover of £300 million and is listed in the FTSE 250 share index. The Group employs 2,150 people worldwide with manufacturing facilities situated in UK, China, Germany, India, Sweden and USA.

Operating with true global scale across a diverse industry base, including food, beverage, pharmaceutical and multiple industrial product groups; Domino manufacture and maintain industrial printing machines for printing things like ‘Best Before’ dates on soft drink cans and provide after sales service to maintain the equipment. Domino use Oracle for financial data and Salesforce for CRM to manage their customer relationships.

Selecting an open source data integration solution to efficiently integrate business systems

With a combination of ERP, CRM and SQL systems, Domino Printing Sciences had spent long hours of time and man power to manually extract, move and report on its global operational solutions. In need of an automated and cost effective resolution the organisation looked to the marketplace to find an easy-to-use, open source solution and as a result selected Talend Data Integration, as a powerful and versatile tool to transform, move and synchronize data between its core business systems including Oracle E-Business Suite, and SQL Server based systems.

Lauren Toates, Systems Analyst & Talend developer for Domino Printing Sciences explains: “As a global organisation with a diverse industry base you can imagine the scale of data we are working with on a daily basis, all of which sits in a variety of business systems. A typical example is we load large amounts of financial data from Oracle into Salesforce for our account representatives to understand customer’s order history details. We do this exercise once a month, taking three hours. Our challenge was simple in that we had no automated integration tool, the process was being done manually, and we were constantly being asked by the business for more system integration. The whole process was non-productive, time consuming and costly.”

“We were keen on automated and open source products to replace this manual process and our core objective was to deploy a solution into Domino’s existing technology environment capable of integrating our ERP, CRM and data systems - Oracle E-Business Suite, Salesforce and SQL Server based systems - and eliminates shell scripts for moving data files around. We selected Talend Data Integration because of its functional applications and ease of use to automate processes as well as migrate and integrate critical data for reporting, which will massively improve our supply chain. By eliminating the manual processing, we have managed to free up time that can now be used strategically for new developments and value added data integration activities.”

Improving efficiencies, globally with ease-of-use and speed of deployment

Talend Data Integration dramatically improves the efficiency of data integration through an easy-to-use graphical development environment. With an intuitive interface, more than 400 data connectors, business modeler, job designer and metadata manager, all types of data integration, data migration and data synchronization operations can be completed.

Lauren continues, “Talend Data Integration is running a growing number of production processes which are relied upon for daily operations and we can do things we couldn’t do before, for example, email automatically
the output of scheduled reports to suppliers improving the supply chain.”

Francois Mero, VP global sales at Talend also comments: “Using Talend Data Integration, Domino Printing Sciences will really benefit from having one common and automated data integration tool. The printing industry is highly innovative and for businesses like Domino Printing Sciences freeing up valuable time and driving efficiencies across the business will have a major impact on its bottom line.”

Russell Jacobs, CRM (Service) Business Analyst concludes: “Talend Data Integration is now part of our day-to-day global operations. We have automated purchase order processing and receiving from a subsidiary in Germany (Infor to Oracle), and integrated our manufacturing execution system with Oracle for our Fluids plant in Liverpool among many exciting projects. Talend Data Integration will be an integral part of a core business system called the new ServiceMax system, which is currently under development and will go live during 2012. This will use Talend to integrate ServiceMax, Oracle and Salesforce on a larger scale than anything we could have even considered before.”