Auteuil Foundation Manages its Diverse Information System with Talend Open Studio for Data Integration

Talend Open Studio for Data Integration brings a new life to integration projects.
The tool adapts very quickly, thanks not only to contributions from a worldwide community, but also to Talend's responsiveness. Talend listens to users and can react quickly if necessary. The large number of connectors helps us resolve innumerable compatibility issues.
Magali Amouroux, IT Project Lead

To welcome, educate, and reintegrate

International in scope, the Auteuil Foundation develops projects involving young people and adults in Europe and the southern countries-exchange students; professional training for high school students and apprentices; and educational projects and technical support with the Foundation's partners.

The Auteuil Foundation welcomes, educates, and re-integrates more than 10,000 under-privileged boys and girls in 170 institutions in France. Ranging in age from newborn to 25, these young people live in domestic and social distress. Of these, 70% are surrendered by their families and 30% are referred by social services. Some are from poverty-stricken families; others have been mistreated; while still others show signs of delinquent behavior. Related emotional problems often cause behavioral problems and academic failure. The goal of the Auteuil Foundation is to provide each young person with an individualized program, mentored by dedicated adults helping each student achieve success.

This personalized program (launched in 2002) allows each young person to grow in all arenas: daily life, school, and emotional and spiritual development. From the simplest patterns of everyday life (such as how to make a bed correctly) to career choices and decisions, each student becomes the architect of his own future, supported by an entire community.

Closely pairing education and training, the Auteuil Foundation tries to break the chains of failure surrounding these young people. Today the Foundation provides 40 training curriculums in 7 domains and has partners in charge of training in other disciplines. At the end of the school year 2006-2007, 74.5 % of these students passed their exams.

From Sunopsis to Talend Open Studio for Data Integration

Previously (since 2004) the Auteuil Foundation used Sunopsis to organize data exchanges between its resource management application and the accounting software that invoiced the local Department of Social Services for the attendance days of the youths they served. However, Oracle's acquisition of Sunopsis resulted in a new pricing policy which dramatically increased the cost of using the tool. The Auteuil Foundation initiated a comparative study to analyze available alternatives.

"€œWe looked at three tools - Oracle, Talend, and Pentaho. Pentaho didn't work for us and was rapidly eliminated,"€ explains Magali Amouroux, IT Project Lead at the Auteuil Foundation. "€œThe solutions proposed by Oracle and Talend initially seemed more or less equivalent from a technical perspective and so our choice was dictated primarily by the cost angle. Talend's open source solution met our needs perfectly and gave us a good alternative to Oracle's politics and licensing issues."

Quick and easy to deploy

When choosing a new tool, the Auteuil Foundation wanted to keep some of the interesting features Sunopsis provided - ”€for example, the clear separation between the development and production environments - ”€while eliminating the problems found during the development of some of the invoicing interfaces, such as log management.

"€œBeyond the financial considerations, we quickly realized that Talend Open Studio for Data Integration offered more technical and functional advantages and could, therefore, perform well against proprietary solutions. Installation was quick and easy, thanks to a clear, concise documentation set. We also attended a Talend training course which answered questions relating to our specific needs," explained Magali Amouroux, IT Project Manager at the Auteuil Foundation. "€œThen we created development standards to roll out Talend Open Studio for Data Integration in the Foundation." 

Today, the Foundation uses Talend Open Studio for Data Integration to develop and load software which coordinates employee training information with payroll data, creating a reference database. These programs will be in production soon. The Foundation is also developing an interface to link the organization's main database to the application that handles follow-up on the young people. Finally, the Foundation is creating an interface to retrieve information from the application that manages donations (hosted by a third party), and to integrate this information into the accounting software. The information system of the Foundation is a work-in-progress and other interfaces will be implemented, particularly to organize reporting.

Evolution, responsiveness

Over and above the cost and ease-of-use benefits already discussed, the Auteuil Foundation is particularly pleased with both how easily new connectors are integrated and with Talend's evolutionary approach. "€œThe tool adapts very quickly, thanks not only to contributions from a worldwide community, but also to Talend's responsiveness. Talend listens to users and can react quickly if necessary. Historically, we depend on a variety of databases (OLPA, LDAP, Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, etc.). Talend Open Studio for Data Integration's large number of connectors helps us resolve innumerable compatibility issues,"€ concludes Magali Amouroux. "Setting up logs is very easy, compared to our previous tool. This is a huge advantage for the Foundation because we can react quickly if any of the integration processes malfunction, minimizing interruptions. Generally speaking, developing by component is very intuitive so that interfaces can be built very quickly."

Going forward, the Auteuil Foundation is considering Talend Data Integration, offered under a subscription license, which will provide a higher level of support as well as facilitating teamwork and enterprise-scale deployments.