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yourself as an industry leader and grow your network.



the success of technology in your company.



with influencers, thought leaders, and decision makers.

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Customer advocacy



Grant permission to use your company name and brand logo on Talend web site, marketing collateral, and corporate events.

Keynote Speaking

Share your knowledge as a panelist or as a speaker and gain exposure as a thought leader in your industry. We will approach you with opportunities to speak at Talend events, webinars, or industry conferences. You will get free passes and Talend will cover your travel and hotel expenses, if necessary.


Customer testimonial videos bring life and authenticity in a way nothing can’t compete with. Ready to do an inspiring video testimonial? It may sound like a tall order but it will only take one hour of your time. You will be briefed beforehand on the questions asked. The video team will come at your location. Video interviews can also be arranged at upcoming Talend events. The 2-3-minute video will be sent to you for final company approval prior to publication on our web site, blogs, and through social media.


Industry analysts such as Gartner, IDC, Forrester, and others want to hear from customers to fully understand the value that Talend provides to organizations. Provide feedback on Talend products through 30-min online surveys or phone interview questions. Your name and company will remain private. The only identifying details displayed alongside your review will be role, industry, and organization size.

Peer-to-Peer Exchange

Our prospective customers are curious about the way their peers have deployed their Talend solution and want to hear from them as part of their selection process. Speak directly with customers to have an open discussion around your Talend experience.

Case Study and White Paper

Tell us about your challenges and successes. We will arrange a one-hour WebEx interview with our writer to draft a two-page case study that you will review and edit prior to publication on our web site, blogs, and through social media and email campaigns.
You can also be part of an in-depth technical white paper to provide a technical perspective on our customer solution deployment.

Media Coverage

Publicize the dramatic transformation of your business into a data-driven enterprise. Our public relations team will help you develop a strategy to get media attention. We will work with you on the development of press releases. They will also arrange interviews with the press and industry analysts to showcase your solutions.

Data Master Awards

You have improved your business in innovative and impressive ways by using Talend? Get the recognition you deserve and enter the Talend Data Masters Awards by filling out an online questionnaire. Winners will be recognized at Talend Connect conferences. Your story will also be shared publicly on Talend website and promoted on social media and press announcements.

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Nominate your company and we will contact you for a 30-minutes onboarding call to gather additional information about your Talend story and check reference opportunities you are interested in.

What’s in it for me?

As a Talend Reference Customer, you will take advantage of concrete and valuable returns on your participation.

  Privileged fees for Talend event
Exclusive access to product information
Access to Talend’s Executives
Network with analysts and industry experts
Share experience and insights with your peers
Gain visibility to promote your business

No Surprise!

We will ensure no content will be published without prior approval from your Corporate and legal teams. We will carefully manage and filter requests to ensure we make a wise use of your time.