"With Talend, we have a holistic view of our plan members and providers. We can better plan patient assessment timelines and predictive analytics provides us with proactive information to help our patients stay healthy."

Raffaele Piemonte, VP of Enterprise Applications and Architecture, CenterLight Healthcare


Simplified process for assessing and enhancing data quality


Enabling predictive analytics through a more holistic view of members and care providers

Offering all-inclusive healthcare coverage

CenterLight Healthcare provides long-term healthcare services for the elderly, the chronically ill, disabled individuals and others. CenterLight serves approximately 13,000 members across New York, and operates 13 facilities, including nursing homes and therapy centers.

For around 20 years, CenterLight had assigned these data tasks to a homegrown system called eCHAMP, but by 2014, the company knew it was time for change. One of those new applications was Salesforce, which CenterLight rolled out for customer relationship management. After briefly considering a handful of data integration solutions, CenterLight quickly settled on Talend Data Integration as the best option.

Because Talend now delivers a more holistic view of member data, the Business Intelligence team can look for patterns that predict which members are likely to un-enroll from their plans within a specific period of time. Predictive analytics also help CenterLight with more efficiently planning patient assessment timelines. CenterLight is now using data patterns to determine when is the appropriate time for patients to repeat assessments—so the company can avoid wasting time and money by scheduling tests too soon.

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