"Cleansing and consolidating consumer data enables us to deliver the kind of personalized experience today’s consumers deserve and expect"
Steve Brennan, Vice President, Data Strategy and Analytics, Carhartt, Inc.
De-duped 50,000
consumer records
more-targeted marketing
Customer experience

Improving the consumer experience in an omni-channel world

Carhartt, America's premium workwear brand since 1889, always keeps a keen eye on its hardworking consumer having a seamless experience when seeking the brand - whether direct via the website, company retail stores, or through the strong retail partners. Because of the importance of knowing who the consumer is at all times in order to simplify their experience and improve the connection with them,

Carhartt needed a way to tie in all of disparate data sources into one consumer profile. Carhartt stood up Talend Data Quality and MDM in record time to centralize and monitor the quality of these profiles as they move through the complex omni-channel environment.

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