"By optimizing our human resources management, we’ve been able to speed up our time-to-market and streamline our processes. We now have a six-month overview of the supply and demand of our resources."
Cyril Legouet-Camus, Managing Solution Architect, Capgemini
20 000+
new recruits per year
Six-month overview
of staffing needs
3 months
design for the new CRM integration and deployment in 40 countries within six months

Optimizing human resources management and becoming more competitive

For a service company, effectively managing human resources based on customer projects is key to staying competitive. Capgemini recruits more than 20,000 people every year, mainly in India. With delivery cycles getting shorter, there’s a need to anticipate and optimize management and planning of human resources in order to put the right teams on the right projects at the right time and in a global context.

Recruiting is a process that requires flexibility. Capgemini finally opted for Talend Data Services to bolster the ‘Resource Supply Chain’ strategic initiative. Capgemini currently now has a six-month overview of supply and demand.

Talend Products Used

Deliver agile real-time integration of applications


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