"With Talend, we now have a single view of the customer. This gives us the ability to determine what customers want and target them more effectively."
Adi-Buer Puplampu, Head of Digital Solutions, Brora
23% saved
23% saved in direct mail expenses thanks to improved data quality
Consolidated product data into Magento e-commerce platform
Reduced the manpower required; eliminated the need for three more full-time employees

Getting outfitted for greater value from customer data

Brora Ltd is a high-end luxury fashion manufacturer and retailer of Scottish cashmere. Its existing back-office system had been custom-written in-house about nine years earlier. Data was in poor shape, with numerous duplications and corruptions that prevented the company from more effectively reaching and understanding its customers.

To get enhanced visibility, the company launched three projects: Migrating the back-office system into Salesforce.com, launching its American website and New York store and upgrading to the Magento ecommerce platform.

Brora selected Talend Data Management to cleanse its data and do the migrations. After an efficient and successful 21-day implementation, improved data quality has saved Brora around 23% in direct mail expenses. More importantly, the company can now leverage advanced customer marketing insight technology to assign unique identifiers to each customer and continually refine its marketing campaigns. Talend also helps the company consolidate all of Brora’s disparate product data routing it properly into Magento.

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