"We can understand in near-real-time consumer behavior in fitness centers with a cloud big data lake and self-service analytics. The benefits are increased effectiveness for our digital marketing campaigns, and decreased customer churn."

Eric Anderson, Executive Director, Data, Beachbody LLC

5 times faster

for data acquisition

Less than 6 months

Core data ingestion

Better conversion rate for campaigns

& more efficient marketing spends

Powering up data to help people enjoy healthy lives

Beachbody is a leading provider of fitness, nutrition, and weight-loss programs that deliver results. How can we better target customers leveraging purchase and behavioral data? How can we personalize offers? How can we better match customers with coaches? These were typical questions Beachbody could not answer using its on-premises Oracle data warehouse. The company decided to bulk up its analytics architecture by adding a Hadoop-based cloud data lake on AWS, powered by Talend Real-Time Big Data.

Beachbody employees can access the information via a self-service portal to evaluate website activity, logs from the Beachbody on-demand video streaming service, call-center records, external data and sales and financial transaction data. Beachbody has reduced data acquisition time by 5x while improving the accuracy of the database for marketing campaigns.

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