"Faster, cleaner data uploading enables us to target our marketing campaigns more precisely and be more responsive to our over-60 demographic clients."

Tillat Kadri , CRM Database Services Manager, Age UK

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From 8 weeks to virtually real time responses to help seniors navigate the challenges of aging


Accelerated process of cleaning and uploading data from more than 120 data feeds

£78,000 saved

£78,000 saved per year by reducing the staff

Helping everyone love later life

Dedicated to helping elderly people make the most of later life, Age UK is the largest charity in the United Kingdom. The organization was uploading information to a CRM system from more than 120 data feeds; however, Age UK’s IT teams had to perform custom data cleaning processes to remedy four million duplicate records and incomplete records in a database containing some 12,000 contacts. In addition, the process of uploading data from specific feeds could take as long as eight weeks.
To improve data quality and accelerate the uploading process, Age UK deployed Talend Data Management to work in tandem with a new CRM system. Age UK has significantly reduced time and resources previously spent on cleaning, de-duping and transforming data, and has become much more responsive to its customers.

Age UK can now build models of how seniors use its services. The organization is able to more closely track sales of such products as stair lifts, hearing aids and alarms, and take advantage of cross-selling opportunities. It now also has the ability to optimize marketing campaigns by more precisely targeting its customers. Another benefit is the ability to quickly recognize subjects of interest for elderly people that produce a spike in requests for advice, such as a change in government regulations. With that analysis available more quickly, Age UK can respond more effectively to seniors’ need for information and advice.

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