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Gamma Soft and Talend logos on pastel backgroundGamma Soft and Talend logos on pastel background

Talend’s acquisition of Gamma Soft offers exciting new capabilities for our customers

By Jamie Fiorda
Talend has acquired Gamma Soft, a change data capture market innovator. This significantly enhances the capabilities Talend can provide. We're thrilled to add Gamma Soft’s technology and further our vision of taking the work out of working with data.
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an african american male worker stands outside a warehouse with his arms crossedan african american male worker stands outside a warehouse with his arms crossed

At Covanta, data health improves the business and the planet

By Kyle Brown
What if there was another way to deal with our trash? What if someone could sort it, process it, and extract value from it? “Converting waste into energy and recyclable materials is a complex business,” says Charles Link, but Covanta has cracked the code.
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Turning data into a life-saving asset

By Jason Radford
A global biopharmaceutical giant uses Talend to improve the flow of data and increase vaccine production by 15%.
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Announcing our 2021 Partner Award winners!

By Blog Author: Rolf Heimes
The Talend partner community is highly trained in all Talend products, capable of solving complex data challenges for a wide range of customers in a variety of industries. Talend is pleased to announce the winners of our 2021 Partner Awards.
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Talend Data Health: Redefining Expertise

By Talend Team
Antonio Grasso discusses using more than just executive instinct alone to successfully navigate your business challenges.
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How much is your data costing you?

By Sameer Athalye
Data health gives IT, data and LOB leaders a common vocabulary to discuss how data can drive long-term business success for the organization —and stop thinking of management of data as a cost center instead of the profit center it can be.
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Operational Efficiency with Stitch? Best. Gift. Ever.

By Laura Ventura
Prezzee has found the secret to maintaining operational efficiency in the face of rapid growth. With Talend Stitch and AWS Redshift, the company’s digital gift cards are going viral on a global scale and the company’s operations can easily keep pace.
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