Talend + Earth Day: Healthy data for a healthy planet

By Talend Team
Talend + Earth Day Talend + Earth Day

At Talend, we know the value of having healthy data – and we love seeing that data enable companies to be conscious of their environmental impact. Healthy data helps them make decisions that can actually make a difference. Whether it’s innovative water conservation, the ability to recapture 600,000 tons of recyclables from the waste stream, or reducing carbon emissions by 1.2 million tons per year - being able to access your data and know that it’s reliable lets you make the right decisions, putting first things first for a happy earth.  

Orlando Utilities Commission used healthy data for innovative water conservation efforts.  

OUC water treatment plants needed a way to reduce water consumption when facing a supply chain shortage of liquid oxygen – key to their water purification process, and in high demand from health care providers treating respiratory issues in COVID-19 patients. 

They quickly developed a cloud-based meter-data collection (Meter Data Platform (MDP)) to help identify customers using unusually high amounts of water, potentially from leaks in home or irrigation systems. 

Once the MDP was deployed, they were able to use that meter data to identify outliers in water usage, alert the customers of the potential leak, and send a specialist to help.  

OUC collected and analyzed usage data from more than 450,000 accounts. This usage data was orchestrated by the Talend Cloud Real-Time Big Data Platform and the Talend Cloud Data Management Platform. The MDP now provides immediate access to this data, making it available for the team to continue their conservation efforts. 

Read the full story here: https://www.talend.com/blog/orlando-utilities-commission-leverages-data-to-drive-water-conservation/ 

Covanta used healthy data to recapture 600,000 tons of recyclables from the waste stream and reduce carbon emissions by 1.2 million tons per year.

In the United States alone 7.5 million tons of recoverable metal go to landfill every year. Covanta provides innovative energy and waste solutions across North America and Europe -  transforming waste to energy and raw materials. 

 Covanta recycles 600,000 tons of metal trash into recyclable treasure each year. Since mining new metals is carbon-intensive and disruptive to the environment, Covanta says their recycling program currently saves 1.2 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions per year, or the equivalent of taking about 113,000 cars off the road. 

That’s no easy task. Equipment needed to do this takes a LOT of maintenance and can hike up cost quickly. That’s when they knew they needed a partner to reduce cost where possible to continue to drive growth and keep up this measurable, amazing environmental impact.

To do so, they needed a lot more insight into their data. They needed to understand their ecosystem to optimally run the business, show their positive impact, and continue to make improvements to their processes and equipment cost over time.  

Enter the Covanta Data Hub, built on Talend Data Fabric, ensuring their data is easy to find, trustworthy, high quality, easy to use across the entire organization.

Read the full story here: https://www.talend.com/blog/at-covanta-data-health-improves-the-business-and-the-planet/