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two men and woman sitting at a table reviewing business documentstwo men and woman sitting at a table reviewing business documents

Dimagi implements Passerelle Data Rocket to accelerate state and local COVID-19 response

By Talend Team
When the world was taken by surprise by COVID-19, Dimagi was ready to leap into action. Passerelle and Talend gave them an end-to-end data architecture with optimized connections between data integration, the cloud, and visual analytics.
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Keep your cloud close and your data closer

By Mark Fazackerley
The Australia Privacy Act of 1988 regulates the handling of personal information about individuals — and global organizations with a significant presence in Australia — must be mindful of the APP data sovereignty regulations.
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How Alan Turing inspires me as a computer scientist and an ally

By Richard Hall
Considered by most as the father of artificial intelligence, lending his expertise to mathematical biology, cryptograhy and computing, Alan Turing had to hide a fundamental part of his identity for fear of being labelled a criminal.
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Is your data healthy?

By Talend Team
When data isn’t accessible, reliable, or well understood, it’s no wonder that more than a third of business leaders say they go with their gut – rather than their data – to make decisions.
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Data health, from prognosis to treatment

By Krishna Tammana
The more you practice good data health within your organization, the less risk you have of data issues leading to bad decisions or security breaches.
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Solving the Right Data Problem. Finally.

By Christal Bemont
Data is a complex, constantly changing organism. Just like human health, data health would be different for companies of every age, life stage, and maturity level.
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Retailers must leverage data to survive this pandemic

By Jamie Kiser
Jamie Kiser, COO and CCO at Talend, explains why retailers, striving not to miss out on future opportunities, must leverage one thing: data.
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