Customer Analytics and Experience

Improve the customer experience with trusted and unified real-time data.

Capture data across all customer touch points

Providing customers with the best experience and predicting what they will do next starts by bringing together all live and historical customer data –regardless of format or location. With Talend, any type of data can be collected including metadata, master data, operational data, transational, social, and analytical data, from any system.

Create trusted data for faster and better insights

Siloed and dirty data leads to inaccurate analysis, abandoned shopping carts, and broken customer experiences. Talend Data Fabric can create a golden record for reconciling and cross referencing your data using data quality, matching, and survivorship.  The resulting augmented data is cataloged and ready to provide trusted insights to business users and partners.

Transform customer experiences with frictionless data

To drive customer experiences, data needs to be shared in real-time to the people and applications that depend on it. With Talend, orchestrate your data flows in a governed way with a Cloud and API-first approach for connecting data providers and data consumers.  The outcome is detailed, actionable insights and happier customers.

Recommended Products

Talend Data Fabric

Data Fabric

Meet all your integration needs in a single, modern data platform.

Talend Data Quality

Talend Data Quality

Profile, clean, and mask data in any format or size to deliver data you can trust for the insights you need.

Talend Cloud API Services

Talend Cloud API Services

Build, test, and deploy APIs up to 80% faster by eliminating the need to use several tools or manually code.

Our data infrastructure is key to integrating and accessing the big variety of sources needed to perform customer-centric, data-driven marketing and sales business activities at Bayer.

Dr. Dana Liebmann, Data Architect for Marketing and Sales, Bayer

As a fashion retailer, we must sell every article of clothing possible. Talend enables us to react rapidly to changing market conditions. We need it in order to survive.

Stefan Rahner, Head of Software Development, Popken Fashion Group

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