What’s new in Talend Summer '19?

Jumpstart your integration projects and scale faster than ever before.

Speed to Scale

Today’s competitive marketplace demands companies be more agile and accelerate time to value using complex silos of information. Talend is changing how easily companies can get started and maximize value from their data at scale.

Start instantly with PAYG for Pipeline Designer

Integrate faster with enhanced connectivity and improved workflows

Scale using microservices with advanced CI/CD

Pipeline Designer

Start instantly with PAYG for Pipeline Designer.

Build data pipelines smarter and faster with a next-generation design environment. Pay-as-you-go gives you the flexibility to leverage the intuitive yet powerful Pipeline Designer solution without the commitment of a yearly contract.

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Integrate faster with enhanced connectivity and streamlined workflows.

Take advantage of out of the box connectivity to Azure in Pipeline Designer. Leverage Databricks for high performance Spark processing and storage. Utilize machine learning-aided wizards and take advantage of new data protection capabilities.

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Scale using microservices with advanced CI/CD.

Support agile innovation and improved developer productivity when building APIs and microservices. Leverage improved CI/CD capabilities to expedite the decoupling of enterprise applications and systems from monolithic to modern modular microservice architectures.

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To get more details on specifications, components and connectors for each release and product, visit https://help.talend.com/.

Pipeline Designer
Data Integration
Big Data Integration
Cloud API Services
Data Services
Data Mapper (TDM)
Talend Management Console
Data Quality
Data Preparation
Data Stewardship
Pipeline Designer
  • Easier to purchase and more flexible pricing options with pay as you go (PAYG)
  • Scalable, cost-effective data processing with serverless pipeline execution on Databricks
  • Improve productivity with pipeline sharing between users
  • Support for Azure Data Lake Storage (Gen2), Azure Blob Storage, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, Marketo
  • Get an aggregated “trust” metric for datasets with Talend Trust score
  • In-product chat to easily interact with Talend
Talend Data Integration
  • Support for Java 11
  • Easier Talend Continuous Integration (CI) setup (zero install)
  • Talend Cloud (Studio) users can manually commit/push projects and give a custom message on Git
  • Talend Cloud (Studio) support of Talend personal tokens for authentication
  • New and updated connectors: Snowflake, PostgreSQL, AS400, Vertica, SAP (New offloading mechanism via RFC-server (tech preview)
Big Data Integration
  • New and updated connectors/components: Databricks Delta Lake (tech preview); MapR 6.1; Cloudera 6.x; Elasticsearch 5.x, 6.x; Couchbase
  • Improved integration with Databricks, support for transient clusters, and option not to restart cluster when submitting a job
  • Improved Talend Spark job performance leveraging Spark Datasets, e.g. faster tMap, tAggregateRow, tSortRow
  • Support for Spark 2.4 in local mode for both Spark Batch and Spark Streaming
  • Improved Cloud security on AWS, supporting SSE KMS encryption on S3 in Talend Spark jobs, and Redshift support for SSO
  • Regional support on Google BigQuery components
  • New Snowflake components in Spark code generator
Talend Cloud API Services
    • API Designer
      • - More powerful API Mocks (new data operators) through OpenAPI 3.0 support
      • - Public API to manipulate API definitions from CI/CD pipelines and scripts enabling workflow automation around API contracts
      • - UI available in French and Japanese
    • API Tester
      • - UI available in French and Japanese
      • - Enhanced team collaboration
Data Services
  • Support for Java 11 and core framework updates
  • Docker build target for Data Services and Routes directly from Studio
  • Support for FIFO queues in Amazon SQS for exactly-once processing
  • JMS 2.0 support in routes (on-prem/Talend runtime)
Data Mapper (TDM)
  • OpenAPI Specification 3.0 support
  • Automatically flatten complex TDM input structures
  • Improved usability when implementing a REST API based on an API Designer contract
  • Reject path error handling for TDM in big data environments
  • Performance improvements for streaming data integration input, and reading from COBOL
Talend Management Console
    • Artifact versioning in TMC scheduler streamlines task management
    • Manage on-prem Data Preparation and Data Stewardship from TMC
    • Generic SSO integration. Certified w/ ADFS and Ping Federate
    • Faster debugging with improved log view support for filters on time range, log type, and full-text search

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Data Quality
  • Improved data privacy:
    • - Data masking leveraging format-preserving encryption methods, so you can perform lookup and joins after the data is masked
    • - Two new data unmasking components to unmask data by providing the correct password
    • - Two new components to encrypt and decrypt data
  • New database support for profiling data (Azure SQL Server, Amazon RDS, Oracle 18c, Google BigQuery, Snowflake)
      • Machine-learning powered transformations, aka “magic fill”, where transformations are automatically applied based on examples provided (tech preview)
      • Hybrid deployment (where on-prem Data Preparation is managed by TMC)
      • Table functions (change data format, format numbers, search/replace)
      • Enhanced profiling capabilities across all values/patterns in the chart/pattern
      • Auto-completion based on dictionaries when editing a cell
      • Deduplication enhancements
      • Support the new Japanese era in date functions
    Talend Data Stewardship
    • Hybrid deployment (where on-prem Data Stewardship is managed by TMC)
    • Campaign monitoring – monitor data quality drift and data stewards’ efficiency
    • Multiple approval steps in campaign workflow (e.g. 4-eye validation use case)