"Using data, we want to make sure once a customer opens a relationship with us, that our products and our bank remain top of mind."
Billie Setiawan, Head of Decision Management for Data & Analytics.
Fivefold increase
in customer take-up of new products and services
Half the time
to produce the Credit Bureau report
Customer loyalty
helps bank meet goals for growth

Striving to understand and respond to customer needs

PT Bank Danamon is Indonesia’s sixth-largest bank, with four million customers and a network that stretches across the archipelago. The bank has ambitious goals to more than double the number of customers making use of mobile and internet banking channels over the next year - up from 30 percent to 80 percent and believes it can achieve that mark by harnessing the power of big data.

PT Bank Danamon ‘s new real-time big data infrastructure, which consists of an on-premises Hadoop cluster and Talend, creates a 360-degree profile of customers to recommend personalised ‘next-best action’

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