What’s new in Talend Spring '19?

Talend Cloud just got better with Pipeline Designer.

Data integration reinvented.

Requirements for modern data integration have shifted dramatically, introducing new challenges to enterprises. Talend helps streamline and scale data collection, processing, and management for future growth.

Highlights of Talend Cloud with the new Pipeline Designer include:

Build faster, easier and smarter

Integrate all your data at any speed

Innovate and scale effortlessly

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Reinvent data integration for modern data engineering

Pipeline Designer is a next generation data integration design environment that enables developers to develop and deploy data pipelines dramatically faster, design seamlessly across batch and streaming use cases, and scale natively with the latest hybrid and multi-cloud technologies.

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To get more details on specifications, components and connectors for each release and product, visit https://help.talend.com/.

Cloud Data Integration
Cloud API Designer
Data Quality
Cloud Data Preparation
Cloud Data Stewardship
Cloud Management Console
Talend Cloud Data Integration
  • Introducing Pipeline Designer (formerly Talend Data Streams), a new data integration design environment.
  • With Pipeline Designer you will be able to:
    • Transform business data for analytics (e.g. Salesforce to Redshift) 
    • Move data from a data lake to a data warehouse (e.g. S3 to Redshift, Snowflake)  
    • Ingest and transform streaming data to a cloud data lake (e.g. Kafka to S3)
    • Offload on-prem data to the cloud (e.g. SQL Server to Azure SQL Database)
    • Perform lightweight data processing (design in the Cloud, connect Cloud and On-prem sources, run in the Cloud or On-Prem)
  • Feature overview:
    • Use a web-based graphical designer to create end-to-end pipelines to preview and transform your data
    • Lightweight transformations with built-in processors including filter, aggregate, flatten, replicate, look up, join and time windowing
    • Extend pipelines processors through support for Python coding allowing greater flexibility
    • Built for modern data formats including: AVRO, JSON, Parquet, and CSV
    • Design seamlessly across batch and streaming use cases using a single interface
    • Easily process data without additional setup and configuration through built-in Cloud Engine
    • Design pipelines in the cloud, then run on-premises, in AWS EMR, or in a virtual private cloud
    • Schema-on-read support removes the need to define schemas before building pipelines and keep pipelines resilient when schema changes
    • See interactive data changes instantly through live preview of sample data
    • Utilize a shared, common data set service (repository) across all Talend products, facilitating teamwork, data sharing and reuse 
  • Connectivity:
    • Read/Write support for Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Azure SQL Database, Amazon RDS (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Aurora), and on-prem through JDBC (Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL)
    • Native cloud data warehouse connectors: Snowflake and Amazon Redshift bulk loaders (destination only), Google BigQuery
    • NoSQL: Elasticsearch
    • Cloud Storage: Amazon S3
    • SaaS: Salesforce
    • Streaming message queues: Apache Kafka and Amazon Kinesis
  • Administration:
    • Manage users and licenses through Talend Management Console
    • Schedule jobs and monitor status through Talend Management Console
Talend Cloud API Designer
  • Ability to import and export API definitions in OpenAPI Specification v3.0, ensuring compatibility with 3rd party API tools
  • Easily import your API definitions into Amazon API Gateway and Azure API Management through a dedicated export mode in API Designer
  • API design enhancements that provide improved expressivity and developer productivity, including:
    • Data type composition (allOf), e.g. merge different customer information (such as profile, contact, preferences) into a unified view of a customer
    • Data type polymorphism (anyOf, oneOf), e.g. accept either a “dog” or a “cat” as input
    • Ability to document new security schemes such as OpenID Connect or JWT
    • Reusable API components e.g. create a component that describe how to paginate results and use it across the API. Only a single edit is required to modify it.
    • Default response and status ranges, e.g. for “any error” on this operation, “this particular” response will be returned
Data Quality
  • Display the name of the user who published a dedicated semantic type in the semantic types list
  • Improved efficiency for dataset cleansing and standardization through:
    • Applying functions across multiple columns, e.g. concatenation and math operations
    • Intelligently extracting part of a name into respective subparts, e.g. title, first name, middle name, last name, and suffix
    • Extracting parts of a field based on semantic types definition, i.e. the ability to split a field composed of several parts into the respective subparts
  • Improved data privacy with ability to perform semantic data masking on compound semantic types
Talend Cloud Data Stewardship
  • Notify Data Stewards and Campaign Owners by email upon task assignment or expiration to improve responsiveness
  • Support for adding comments/discussion threads on tasks and task attributes to improve team collaboration
Talend Cloud Management Console
  • Automate service deployment for more efficient and flexible DevOps, through a Talend Management Console API
  • Easily try out API capabilities in Talend Cloud using an example REST API artifact in Talend Management Console
  • Create a personal token for authentication/connectivity between Studio and Talend Cloud, in place of username/password
  • Group and search TMC tasks using tags to be more organized
  • Pipeline Designer: manage artifacts, Cloud and Remote Engines, Run Profiles; and monitoring

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To get more details on specifications, components, and connectors for each release and product, visit https://help.talend.com/.

New and Updated Hadoop Distributions

  • Amazon EMR 5.15
  • Cloudera CDH 6.0
  • Hortonworks 2.6x
  • MapR 6.0.1 with MEP 5.0
  • Databricks 3.5 LTS
  • Qubole Data Services 1.0
  • Spark 2.3

New and Updated Components

  • Couchbase
  • Google BigQuery
  • Greenplum
  • MapR-DB OJAI
  • MariaDB
  • MarkLogic
  • MySQL
  • Oracle ADW
  • PostgreSQL
  • Salesforce
  • Snowflake