Master Data Management

Unify all master data — from customers to products to suppliers and beyond — into a single, actionable version of the truth.

Turn your data into a single version of the truth.

Talend Master Data Management combines the power of MDM and data integration to deliver a single view of your data across internal and external sources in real time. By creating and sharing unified 360 views of data records, you can make the right decisions for your business at the right time, all the time.

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Deliver MDM projects at scale.

Connect and reconcile data in your mobile, cloud or on-premises applications to create and share a trusted golden record. Talend Master Data Management provides a unified environment to design and roll out master data projects faster and easily scale them across your company.

Get the Definitive Guide for Data Governance

Extend access to trusted data to all.

The MDM Platform comes with data quality capabilities built right in. Data preparation ensures clean, usable, accessible data, while data stewardship allows easy engagement in the data quality process and the automation of data error resolution with machine learning.

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