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Unleash the potential of data, applications, and processes

Talend Master Data Management (MDM) tools unify all data—from customers to products to suppliers and beyond—into a single, actionable “version of the truth.” Turn your master data into business value with one solution.

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Profile and model your data with our free open source tool. Consider the MDM Platform to combine data integration, real-time application integration, workflow-based data authoring and stewardship, and role-based security into a single enterprise platform.

 Open Studio for MDMMDM Platform
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Free open source licenseSubscription-based licensing per developer
Components & Connectors
Design & Productivity
Management & Monitoring
Data Quality, Self-Service & Governance
Self-serviceWeb, email, phone

One of These Leaders is Not Like the Others

Talend named a leader in data integration and data quality. Business moves fast. Get the data agility needed to win.

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Drive your journey to master data maturity

Unleash the potential of data, applications, and processes by delivering a single “version of the truth” with Talend Master Data Management Platform. MDM developers, data stewards, and users can turn existing applications and processes into modern data-driven applications using the full functionality of Talend MDM Platform with data integration, real-time application integration, and built-in data quality.

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Jumpstart your MDM project

Build the foundation of your MDM project with Open Studio for MDM. Get started with this free, open source data profiling and modeling tool to speed planning time. Ideal for a single open source developer or operations data manager to create and update master data through a web-based application.

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