« In retail, you have to combine promptness with proximity. Information must be able to flow from product design to sales; otherwise we can’t do our job. Talend is a strategic resource to make that happen. »

Guillaume Porquier, Information Systems Director, Tape à l’oeil

100 streams

developed in 6 months

Statistics from register receipts available within 10 minutes

versus 1 day previously

Optimum data quality

to create value

Real-time data for fun and fashion from newborn to age 16

Created in 1993, Tape à l’oeil is a clothing and accessories retailer committed to making fashion accessible and as responsible as possible for ages 0 to 16. Customers, by definition, never fully belong to you — especially if your target audience’s loyalty is limited because of age. To orchestrate all its data, Tape à l’oeil made a two-pronged decision: 

Talend to increase the pace of data delivery and to meet the needs for data interchange in the form of message exchanges, and Stitch to take advantage of Google and Facebook/Instagram data so they can analyze online sales performance. Today, data is at the heart of all activites, from product development, supply chain to sales.  

Productos Talend utilizados


Real-time Big Data

Realiza la velocidad y escala de Big Data sin codificaciónInformación del producto

Stitch Data Loader

Stitch facilita la carga de datos de decenas de fuentes de nube en almacenes de datos en la nube y lagos de datos en cuestión de minutosInformación del producto