Increasing customer intelligence to better support the zero-carbon transition

With Talend, our customer data has become a reliable asset for guiding our business, covering 96% of our B2B and B2T activity.

Florence Dufour

Develop a common CRM for a 360° view of customers on a global scale

70 distinct entities

consolidated in a single view

More than 90,000 opportunities

admitted to the common CRM each week

Trusted data on 300,000 accounts

representing €28.5 billion in annual sales

Global leader in low-carbon energy ENGIE is determined to speed the transition to a carbon- neutral world through more energy-efficient and environmentally friendly solutions. “Our strategy has evolved from a product-oriented culture to a fully customer-centric culture,” says Florence Dufour, Director of Business Acceleration at ENGIE “In order to offer customized, integrated, and long-term solutions, we needed to understand the consumption habits of our customers around the world so that we could better assess how to transition them to zero carbon.”

But ENGIE is particularly large and complex, with 24 geographical divisions and 70 country entities — each of which has multiple lines of business. ENGIE started with its 100 largest accounts and then rolled out the model to all of its B2B (business-to-business) and B2T (business-to-territory) customers worldwide. “As of today, 95% of our global business activity is covered by our common CRM, which represents approximately 300,000 key accounts and €28.5 billion in sales,” explains Dufour.

“Talend is second to none for trusted data. Prior to its implementation, more than 7% of our data was being rejected due to quality issues. With Talend, this percentage has fallen considerably, which is significant given that more than 90,000 opportunities are added to the system each week,” adds Dufour.

She believes that this information contributes to interactions with the divisions. “We have a clear view of business activity over the next 12 months. We know the status of each opportunity and which products or services are involved. At the same time, we know more about each account, which makes it easier to cross-sell, make more sales, and manage our pipeline. This shared, comprehensive vision of our customers helps us meet our ambitious goals for a carbon-neutral world.”