Top 8 takeaways from Talend Connect

By Talend Team

At Talend Connect 2021, we dove deep into what data health really means (clean, compliant, accessible data), what thorny business problems are solved by having healthy data, and what inspirational companies we can look to as an example. Most importantly, we learned the incredible difference that healthy data can make not only in business, but in the world. 

We had an incredible lineup of guest speakers, keynotes, specialists, and panelists discussing every aspect of data health and its impact.   

Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been digging through the musings of some of the most brilliant minds in the industry  find the golden nuggets that delivered those impactful Aha! moments. Without further ado — drum roll, please — we present our Top 8 takeaways from Talend Connect 2021. If you missed any of the event’s sessions, you may watch on demand here – or skim the recap below for the good stuff. Either way, you can start your action plan towards data health today! 

Talend Connect 2021 taught us: 

1.   How to excel despite the unexpected 

Knowing really is half the battle! When you not only have access to your data, but TRUST that your data is clean, complete, and accurate, you are prepared to lead your company through even the most unprecedented times. 

2.   The role of a Chief Destiny Officer 

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Hopefully you got to see our Chief Destiny Officer in action – hello, Cosmo! Dealing with a Chief Destiny Officer – rather than healthy data – can leave everyone feeling frustrated. Without data to drive your decisions, though, you may as well be leaving them up to destiny... 

3.   How data quality as a service saves you time 

Take the work out of working with data. Data quality as a service is a newly introduced way to improve your data quality with Talend — no expertise or additional headcount required. Check it out! 

4.   How companies use healthy data as a competitive edge

Companies of any size deal with data challenges that may sound familiar to you. We heard some remarkable stories about the ways Talend customers, including the Estée Lauder Companies Inc., Vyaire, and eBay used healthy data to set them apart from the competition and up for success. 

5.   What makes a healthy data culture 

It takes buy-in to make change really stick – and this applies to data health as much as anything else. Creating a culture of healthy data ensures that changes you make in your organization to promote data health are supported, implemented, and adopted as policy, not just a quick fix. 

6.   The way data is being democratized 

We saw growing interest in the conversation around data democratization. As we strive to make data easier to find, understand, and trust, it becomes imperative to find solutions that allow data to become a team sport (it’s not just for the tech teams anymore!) Data democratization helps all teams participate in a healthy data culture across an entire organization, with the right solution enabling and empowering such widespread access. 

7.   Why digital transformation depends on healthy data 

Any change requires the right foundation to start – and it’s clear that without a foundation of healthy data, you could be transforming your business in all the wrong ways. Understanding the state of your data health and investing in a strong foundation sets the stage for a smoother digital transformation. 

8.   How to select a model that fits your needs 

One-size-fits-all may work for plastic rain ponchos, but not for a company’s data solution. As you gauge your data health needs, make sure that whatever you select can adapt to your changing goals and scale as you grow. 


Want to know more? Turn that informational firehose on and open your mind wide — Talend Connect 2021 on demand is available now!