Data Catalog Solutions

Crawl, profile, organize, link, and enrich all your data at speed

Deliver trusted data across your organization

Talend Data Catalog gives your organization a single, secure point of control for your data. With robust tools for search and discovery, and connectors to extract metadata from virtually any data source, Data Catalog makes it easy to protect your data, govern your analytics, manage data pipelines, and accelerate your ETL processes.

Automate data discovery

Data Catalog automatically crawls, profiles, organizes, links, and enriches all your metadata. Up to 80% of the information associated with the data is documented automatically and kept up-to-date through smart relationships and machine learning, continually delivering the most current data to the user.

Create and govern a central data catalog

Make data governance a team sport with a secure single point of control where you can collaborate to improve data accessibility, accuracy, and business relevance. Support data privacy and regulatory compliance with intelligent data lineage tracing and compliance tracking.

Find and share trusted data faster

Empower your data consumers to get right to the data. Data Catalog makes it easy to search and access data, then verify its validity before sharing it with peers. A collaborative user experience allows anyone to contribute metadata or business glossary information.

I am convinced that going forward, customers will increasingly choose companies that are responsible in how they use customer data.

Maud Bailly

Finding the source of truth in a complex world

What do you need from your data catalog? In “Key Criteria for Evaluating Data Catalogs,” technology analysis firm GigaOm offers an evaluation of data catalog solutions offerings from a range of vendors.

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