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Blog authored by Nitin Kudikala, Customer Success Architect at Talend

As companies try to become data driven enterprises, new distributed data architectures such as Hadoop create new opportunities to derive more information and intelligence from their Data assets. As these technologies evolve, securing the data stored in these data stores has become critical. There is a clear need for comprehensive security as Hadoop holds sensitive information and external operational and analytics systems try to access the data increasing risks of exposure. This is the reason Big Data distributions like Cloudera and Hortonworks have built-in Security within their products.

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Kerberos, developed by MIT is proving to be good fit for securing computers in a Hadoop cluster. Kerberos security provides Authorization between the clients and servers in the cluster. This means that Hadoop can use Kerberos protocol to ensure that when someone makes a request, they really are who they say they are. Kerberos also provides mutual Authentication, where a client proves its identity to a server and a server proves its identity to the client. Kerberos adds an additional layer of security by introducing a trusted third party to manage the tickets, ticket-granting tickets and authentication. Kerberos, when used as part of an overall authentication solution, can be used to provide Single Sign On (SSO) access to Hadoop data.

Talend now supports the Kerberos protocol for the Studio and the Job server. It can use kinit and keytab methods to authenticate the user running the Job against the cluster.

For information on how to use Kerberos with Talend 6 see our new article in the knowledgebase How to use Kerberos in Talend Studio with Big Data v6.x

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