Step-by-Step: Running, Testing, and Debugging a Job in Talend Open Studio

Remember our latest Step-by-Step blog post around the construction of a Job in Talend Open Studio (seen here)? Well, now we’ve taken some time to write another post around running, testing and debugging a job in Talend Open Studio to show you how easy it is to troubleshoot your Job when any issues pop up while it’s running. For those of you who have run Jobs in the past, you understand that issues can happen when working on databases and tables. That’s exactly when our Debug mode comes in handy: you can take an in-depth look at your Talend Job and see precisely how it’s running.

In this video below, we will cover the different ways to run Jobs, how to test with smaller datasets, as well as debug with the logging features and the built-in debug feature, all within the Talend Studio. Our Job is a simple process: reading data from a large file, aggregating and writing it into a table.

The video will give you insight regarding the debugging of Jobs. It takes you through each debug step so you finally build the Job and start running the process. Then you will see the data as it goes through each transformation with all the attributes to identify any bugs within your Job.

The debug process is detailed in two different ways: 1) Talend users can reduce the dataset to see a smaller volume of data and go through the Job to debug at their convenience; or 2) Users are able to add a screen output to the Studio using the tLogRow component and link the output from the main component (such as the tMap in the video) into the tLogRow. Once users run the Job in regular mode, the data output that’s been aggregated can be seen on the screen.

Now watch this useful video to understand new ways to debug and run processes within Talend Open Studio. Remember, if you don’t already have Talend installed, you can still play along with the video by downloading Talend Open Studio for free.

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