Talend’s Benchmark Against Informatica – Setting the Record Straight

| 14 gennaio 2016 | ETL / ELT Hadoop Integrazione Big Data Open Source

We recently published a benchmark comparing Talend Big Data Platform to Informatica Big Data Edition, showing the performance benefits of our native Apache Spark approach over Informatica’s solution.  Informatica responded with a rebuttal that combines some good points along with some claims that are either misleading or …

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Beyond “The Data Vault”

| 14 agosto 2015 | Data Management / Data Governance Database Integration Developer Step-by-Step ETL / ELT

  In my last blog “What is ‘The Data Vault’ and why do we need it?” I introduced a fresh, compelling methodology for data warehouse modeling authored and invented by Dan Linstedt (http://danlinstedt.com) called ‘the Data Vault’.  Solving the many characteristic and inherent problems found in crafting …

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What is a Container? Cloud and SOA Converge in API Management (Container Architecture Series Part 2)

| 17 febbraio 2015 | API Gateways, Data-as-a-Service Cloud Integration ETL / ELT

  This is the second in a series of posts on container-centric integration architecture. The first post provided a brief background and definition of the Container architecture pattern. This post explores how Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) and Cloud initiatives converge in API Management, and how Platforms provide the …

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