Day-in-the-Life of a Data Integration Developer: Introduction to Talend Studio


If you’ve ever started working with new software, you know it can be challenging to start taking full advantage of features and functionality right away. At Talend, we want you to get up and running quickly with our data integration software. Therefore, we’ve introduced a new series of videos to get you familiar with the Talend Studio, building your first Talend Job and moving into some advanced features.

The first video in the series helps users get familiar with the look and feel of the Talend Studio as well as grasp a general understanding of how to use some of the key functions and features. Although the Talend Data Integration platform is comprised of several different components, we will just focus on the Studio in this section.

The video also covers what happens when first time users open the Talend Studio, it offers a quick guide through the program, highlighting on the screen key points and features. New Talend Studio users are able to open a demonstration project that will allow them to become familiar with the Studio through job examples. The design workspace, where users can lay out and design Talend jobs, is also reviewed.

Remember, if you don’t already have Talend installed, you can still play along with the video by downloading a free trial.


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