Talend’s Evolution: An Innovative and Ongoing Journey – German

Beyond the quality and performance of its solutions, Talend has been able to innovate and distinguish itself from other product offerings in the market. On both a technological as well as a business level, Talend has democratized access to data integration solutions using an open source model to make them accessible to ever greater numbers of people.

Continuous Technological Innovation

Since its inception, Talend’s founders have chosen an open source model in order to democratize access to data integration technologies. An open source code that the community can take charge of and develop. This powerful and collaborative community is able to develop numerous connectors that can be used to accelerate the resolution of complex problems faster vs. proprietary development methods or hand coding. By introducing an easy-to-use graphical interface and a native code generator, Talend is able to offer users that are unfamiliar with Big Data technologies a powerful tool to overcome the complexity of coding, while offering superior performance to the legacy software solutions, at a significantly lower cost. Talend delivers an integrated and unified platform that meets the needs of both data integration and applications (batch and real time), while providing quality functions and data governance. Whether in the cloud or on-premise, Talend has invested in Big Data by providing a platform for various Hadoop distributions, capable of generating native MapReduce Spark and Spark Streaming code. Talend’s strategic and innovative approaches to Big Data, Cloud, and Self-Service have contributed to changing the way in which businesses handle data management. With increased productivity, lower operating costs, cloud agility, and the power and scalability of a technological approach based on Spark and Hadoop, Talend has helped to liberate businesses from the technological confines imposed on them by many of the current market incumbents.

A Business Revolution is Underway

Talend’s business model has brought the data integration market into a new era—the data driven era. Talend offers a functional version of its core and basic models that can be downloaded for free. To date, there have been more than 2 million downloads of our open source solution, more than 300,000 of which took place in the last year alone. Users can test or try out the product, or even use it to carry out a specific process. If they have success with the product, they can opt to upgrade to a commercial or licensed version of the product that offers more robust capabilities and increased business value. Additional modules and support options are also available via subscription. However, unlike other market offerings, Talend’s subscription-based solutions are not based on the number of processors or the volume of the data that is processed or even the number of connectors, rather they are based on the number of developers. This pricing approach is a departure from what Talend has often referred to as a “data tax”, and is a differentiator for our pricing model, which allows customers to calculate costs in advance and generate economies of scale. Talend’s solutions have also been proven to be up to 7 times faster in processing Big Data than a certain large competitor’s product.

The First Steps on a Long Journey with our Customers

As significant as today’s milestone is for Talend, this is only the beginning. We are witnessing the intersection of several trends in the industry: businesses want to accelerate the adoption of innovation while keeping a tight rein on costs by adding predictability into their models. Additionally, they are increasingly moving away from proprietary and costly solutions in order to explore open source and the Cloud. Talend helped to pioneer this approach 10 years ago and has continuously invested and innovated—in business as well as technology—to become a world leader in Big Data and Cloud integration solutions. Another key factor in Talend’s success is the speedy adoption of our solutions by our clients. Today, with more than 550 employees in 10 countries, and more than 1300 customers worldwide, Talend is well positioned to respond to the future challenges associated with digital transformation. Our solutions unlock innovation.

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