"Now we can adjust our digital media advertising in real time to attract players, customize bets based on player behavior, and help traders adjust live odds"

Christofer Daussion, Head of BI & Data Platform, Betclic Group

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“With the growth of our business and stronger competition, the need for detailed knowledge of the practices and needs of online bettors in near real time had become essential,” says Christofer Daussion, Head of BI & Data Platform at Betclic, one of Europe’s leading gaming companies. Betclic decided to work with Talend, Snowflake, and Tableau to build a scalable, real-time, and low-latency analytical platform for sports betting. Because of the high volume and seasonal nature of sports betting, Betclic opted to deploy its new data platform on Amazon Web Services (AWS) for increased flexibility.

“Talend has enabled us to adopt a hybrid cloud/on-premises approach, in light of certain regulatory constraints that require us to store some data outside of the cloud,” continues Christofer Daussion. “Still, we wanted to take advantage of the power and elasticity of the cloud to adapt the platform in real time. We worked with Talend to develop a sports calendar that allows us to automate data uploads at different frequencies and different strengths. In addition, computing capacities for each event are dynamically adjusted depending on the volume of data the event generates to guarantee their availability within a period of under five minutes. At the end of the game, there is a massive influx of data linked to the number of bets. The architecture scales automatically.”

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