Women's History Month Spotlight: Olga Chesnokova

By Talend Team

To close out Women’s History Month, we are spotlighting one more talented woman at Talend, which has always been dedicated to advancement opportunities for all. Our conversation with Olga Chesnokova, QA Engineer, reveals the power of supporting women in the workplace and how that enables them in turn to support others.

Are there any particular women that you admire or see as role models?

I admire all my colleagues, my mother, and my girlfriends for making me a better person every day. They’re really all my role models — I have so many amazing women around me, especially working at Talend. My colleagues are amazing female professionals who truly make me feel rewarded for my performance and contribution to the company’s success. Lots of women here are living proof that “the sky is the limit”!

Being a woman in tech is still uncommon — how have you been supported as a woman in the workplace?

I’m working on an engineering team that has, as most tech companies do, a male majority. Historically, one would expect me to play secondary roles as a minority on the team — but that couldn’t be further from the truth here. Every day I feel respected and valued as an important team member and professional. I’m very happy to be part of a team that is laser-focused on results and very supportive and attentive to each other.

I also want to highlight my leadership that mentors and coaches me on growing professionally as a woman in a predominantly male environment. I truly believe that no matter what comes, I will never be intimidated as a woman, and will stand my ground as a professional.

You are currently participating in the Rise Up Program for leadership — what has your experience been thus far?

The Rise Up Program, created and led by She+GeeksOut (SGO), is designed to pull you out from your comfort zone and let you face different types of situations as a woman in leadership in a collaborative environment. To benefit from this program to the full extent, you have to be ready for the next step in your career.

This is a very interesting journey, and I’m so happy that I was identified as a candidate for this and nominated by my amazing leadership team. I’ve met many great professional women in this program and am exposed to different tools and frameworks of leadership which I can apply to my day-to-day job and personal life immediately.

How has your experience in the Rise Up Program pushed you out of your comfort zone? 

I am a big believer that the solution to a problem starts with acknowledging your situation and identifying factors that got you there. Thinking critically is a skill that doesn’t always come easily — but there is no better way to grow yourself personally and professionally than taking yourself out of your comfort zone. Learning to think critically in all situations has given me that push out of my comfort zone in many ways personally and professionally.

How do you plan to use what you learned in the Rise Up Program here at Talend and beyond?

While the Rise Up Program enables you, it is keenly dependent on your personal clarity and commitment to your growth. The program helps to clear your fears and uncertainty about the challenges of leadership and gives you tools to use when facing these challenges. This helps me both professionally and personally — even as I am in the middle of the program.

What advice do you have for women?

  • Being a woman is a gift. Don’t let anyone intimidate you — be yourself.
  • Challenge yourself! You’re capable of so much more than you think. Your potential is endless.
  • Take a moment every so often to appreciate yourself and look back at your achievements.
  • Authenticity and empathy are skills that women naturally have, so please use them — our world truly needs more of them.