Spring '22 hackathon winners announced!

By Talend Team
people staring at computer screens with lines of complex codepeople staring at computer screens with lines of complex code

Talend held its annual company-wide hackathon in May. This year was all about cross-organizational collaboration — and our teams delivered! 30 projects were submitted by more than 133 Talendians across all technical departments (Product, Global Services and Support, Enterprise Data and Analytics, Solution Engineering, and more).  

Celebrating the spirit of creativity 

Sam Pierson, CTO, was the #1 sponsor for this hackathon — and he could not have been more proud of the outcome.  

Hackathons are critical for organizations like Talend. We need these unstructured blocks of time to try new things, to unlock different ideas, and to investigate new technology. Creating space for Talendians to experiment is essential for creative thoughts to blossom.
— Sam Pierson, Talend CTO

This year’s submissions were split into 4 categories: 

  1. Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML)
  2. Data health
  3. Efficiency improvement
  4. Data-driven teams 

We received exciting projects in every category. From proposals and POCs for new product capabilities to ideas on new approaches to better understanding our customers, the variety of submissions was impressive — and made it hard to choose winners from so many great ideas.  

And the Talend hackathon 2022 winners are . . . 

AI & ML:

  • Talend Sentiment Analyzer from Maikel Bastawrous, Uma Ganesh, Kevin Yanogo

Data health: 

  • 1st Prize — Data Health Console from Mathieu Huchet, Anne Lefevre, Maxime Nicoul, Sebastien Romain, Jimmy Somsanith 
  • 2nd Prize — Visualizing Data Quality Lineage in Talend Data Catalog from Darren Brunt, Chris Hubbard, Leszek Lesiewicz, Mark Morton, John Underwood 

Efficiency improvement:

  • 1st Prize — DRY Dehydrated Data Integration Jobs from Hiren Chawda, Balàzs Gunics, Jürgen Kindler, Jean-Claude Kuo, Dietmar Wolz, Zhiwei Xue 
  • 2nd Prize — Real-time Change Data Capture from Javier Aguirre, Felice Bellanti, Ben Saunders, Luca Tamburrano 

Data-driven teams:

  • From Raw Data to Actionable Insights from Axel Catoire, Renaud Cleac’h, Joseph El Khoury, Anaïse Feuvrier, Karina Lakhari, Archana Rachakonda, Antoine Richard, Cyril Sonnefraud, Susan Sreenath 

Sam Pierson and Jason Penkethman, Talend's CPO, took the time to acknowledge all participants and celebrate the winning projects in each category. You can learn more about these projects in the short video below:

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Congratulations again to everyone! 

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