Talend is officially a Google Cloud Ready — BigQuery partner!

By Talend Team
coral colored circle with Talend logo inside, next to rainbow colored logo for Google Cloudcoral colored circle with Talend logo inside, next to rainbow colored logo for Google Cloud

To increase revenue and deliver greater value to their customers, it is vital that organizations keep healthy data at the center of their business. Data is healthy if it is easily discoverable, understandable, and of value to the people that need to use it. And one of the most effective ways to make this data available throughout the organization for insight and analysis is through solutions like Google BigQuery.

For those unfamiliar with BigQuery, it’s Google’s serverless, multi-cloud data warehouse platform that offers a highly scalable and secure platform for data analysis. Our customers have used Talend to integrate and govern their Google Cloud data for years and can take advantage of unique features like the Talend Trust Score™, which can automatically crawl BigQuery databases and provide a health assessment of data by intelligently diagnosing and resolving data integrity issues.

And now, we’re thrilled to announce that both Talend Data Fabric and Stitch are certified as Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery partners.

Being designated as a Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery partner required a three-phase process to assess Talend’s capabilities and integrations into BigQuery. To eliminate any possible bias, Google had an independent third party conduct the validation, which included:

1. Running a series of data integration tests and compared results against benchmarks
2. Working closely with Talend to fill any gaps
3. Refining documentation for mutual customers

Becoming a Google Cloud Ready – BigQuery partner is an important milestone for Talend and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring our customers can use Talend to make healthy data accessible to everyone in the organization. It means our users can be confident that our solutions will work seamlessly with BigQuery for all of their data integration and governance needs.

In fact, many Talend customers are already using Talend with BigQuery to power their reporting and analysis processes for business insights.

CRED Investments works with young athletes playing in the top six soccer leagues in Europe, providing them with capital to start investing toward retirement. CRED depends heavily on data collection, data science, and data visualization to establish a projected cash flow for a player’s entire career. The organization uses Stitch to move its data to a BigQuery data warehouse, and then builds complex machine learning models to do things like predicting all the different factors that feed into a player’s projected cash flow, or helping identify which sponsors would be a good fit for the player. “The better they do in their career, the better we do,” says Cherry Shah, Director of Engineering at CRED. “We provide a financial service, but we’re very much a data company. The reason we're able to provide money to these athletes is that data makes it possible to predict their future.”

Your Super is an ecommerce company focused on helping people improve their health with nutritious superfoods. The organization relies on data to provide better customer experiences and help them get the most value out of their purchases. Using Stitch and a BigQuery database, the Your Super data team can deliver trusted insights faster throughout the organization. “I think the real business impact is that the speed of insights is significantly faster,” says Gabriel Freeman, Business Intelligence Manager. “Getting data quicker helps us reach more people, which helps our business achieve the mission that we're trying to do — and it’s a really good one.”

Together, Talend and BigQuery can provide a powerful path for digital transformation to any organization. In addition to BigQuery, Talend provides a full range of native connectivity to many other Google Cloud Platform services. This includes Google Cloud Storage, Google DataProc, Google Drive, Google Ads, Google Analytics, Google Cloud SQL, Google Ecommerce, and Google Sheets.

There’s never been a better time for organizations to use BigQuery and Talend to meet their business goals. To see how Talend can help you get more value out of your data, request your free trial today.