Your Super: Healthy data supports healthier people

By Laura Ventura

Co-founded by a professional tennis player stricken with cancer at age 24 and his wife, Your Super is an eCommerce company focused on helping people improve their health with nutritious superfoods. Even in its early days, the company focused on using their data to uncover customer wants and help them get the most value out of their purchases.

“When I first started, the company was maybe 20 people,” explains Gabriel Freeman, Business Intelligence Manager for Your Super. To centralize all the information in one place, Freeman was “downloading reports from individual applications, more or less every day, if not every other day.” In addition, the data coming in wasn’t always clean.

As Your Super expanded sales beyond their website to include large retailers like Amazon and Target, the amount of data being generated grew — and so did the need for timely, useful insights. Freeman eventually found himself setting an early alarm every day to manually download data for reports.

He was considering hiring developers to find a solution when a Google search for “automated data” returned a result featuring Stitch (a Talend company) and a free 14-day trial. The result? Faster, fresher, data-driven insights — and a happier Business Intelligence Manager who no longer had to rise before the sun to pull data by hand.

Taming a growing torrent of SaaS data

Your Super deals primarily with marketing and sales data generated by a variety of diverse channels. Website data comes from Google analytics, while e-commerce platform Shopify produces data on sales, shipments, and payment processing. Social media activity and other marketing data pours in via Klaviyo, Your Super’s customer relationship management (CRM) software.

A team of three — BI manager Freeman along with a director of analytics and a data engineer — are charged with turning this vast amount of data into a valuable business asset for Your Super. Once immersed in the online sales environment, the team realized that speed and accuracy were paramount for extracting the most value from their data.

“Things move quickly, and we need to know what happened yesterday in order to inform what we’re going to do today,” explains Freeman. “If you can get data in real time then that’s a huge advantage.”

Their search for a solution led them to Stitch, Talend’s fully managed data pipeline for analytics. Stitch rapidly moves data from more than 130 different sources into a data warehouse so businesses can get to answers faster — no coding required.

Fresh insights, faster — for one-quarter of the cost

Having not worked with Stitch previously, Freeman went in with tempered expectations — which were quickly exceeded. “Within the first day, I connected it to BigQuery and the data was flowing,” he recalls. “And I think I just forgot about it, and the next day, I came in and the data was all there. I was like, ‘it really works!’”

Today, Your Super’s data spans marketing, supply chain finance, customer experience, product development, people operations, and more. Using Stitch for data automation puts all of Your Super’s different data sources in a centralized location for easy analysis.

Because Google Sheets connect so easily with their BigQuery database, it has become a go-to resource for the Your Super data team when creating reports. Another tool, Outline allows the team to deliver insights as written articles, complete with added media. The ultimate goal is to create both necessary reports and those that can be built off of — by fostering an easy-access environment where people can take what they need, and then go on and do the rest themselves.

While easier access to healthier data has been a huge benefit for the entire organization, it’s not the only one that Your Super has realized by partnering with Talend. “Using Stitch has easily saved 20 hours a week of work that would otherwise have to have been done — and for a quarter of the cost,” says Freeman. “It's a lot more cost-effective to get your data automated this way, as opposed to the other solutions that I found. We can have a smaller, leaner data team because of the work Stitch is able to do.”

Stitch is also important to the data team’s vision of Your Super’s future. As the company grows, they are also growing their plans to do even more analyses — with an eye on how they can best leverage their data management tools to deliver insights that benefit the company’s bottom line.

Smarter business decisions help fulfill the mission

Getting clear insights quicker by using Stitch from Talend has enabled the organization to optimize their initiatives and reach more people more efficiently. For Your Super, that means having the ability to not only make smarter business decisions, but also to help more people get healthier.

“I think the real business impact is that the speed of insights is significantly faster,” says Freeman. “Getting data quicker helps us reach more people, which helps our business achieve the mission that we're trying to do — and it’s a really good one.”