QlikWorld 2023 proved how Talend and Qlik work together

By Christophe Antoine
closeup of a ferris wheel, viewpoint is lookin up from the ground, tinted in shades of pink and purple, overlaid by a logo lockup of Talend and QlikWorldcloseup of a ferris wheel, viewpoint is lookin up from the ground, tinted in shades of pink and purple, overlaid by a logo lockup of Talend and QlikWorld

Talend had lots to talk about at QlikWorld

Last week, I had the pleasure of visiting Las Vegas for QlikWorld 2023. About 1,300 people traveled to be at this event in person, and ten times that many joined online. In total, there were 40 of us on site from Talend. During the event, we presented 15 breakout sessions and workshops, and spoke with hundreds of attendees at the Talend booth.

As a reminder, Qlik announced its intention to acquire Talend in January of this year. Since then, you may have been wondering, how will Qlik and Talend work together? How can Talend contribute to the value that Qlik provides to the market?

QlikWorld attendees were asking all the right questions

At sessions and our booth, the audience always had questions which were on point. These people were looking at catalog strategy, or who were looking at building that big data lake or lake house, and had Qlik in one hand and Talend in the other hand. Whatever project they were working on, everyone wanted to know how to get maximum value from their data using Qlik and Talend together.

It helps to understand that Qlik and Talend are both true data companies, but they occupy slightly different roles. Qlik serves businesses from an analytics perspective, plus a little bit of data integration. On the other hand, Talend is intently focused on data integration along with data quality, data governance, and data transformation.

If you’re curious about the business side of Qlik’s acquisition plans, you can learn more in our other blog post about what we learned at QlikWorld.

Qlik’s Product Roadmap session showed Talend and Qlik together

On April 19, Qlik’s Chief Product Officer, James Fisher, and Vice President of Product Marketing, Josh Good, presented a roadmap session and a live demo. It was a demo that wowed the crowd by literally showing them how Qlik and Talend can already work together, without the need for a big integration effort.

The following days, we had a full house at the booth and in our workshop. A lot of people came by the booth and asked, “Is it really true? Can you really do what we’ve seen so far during the roadmap session?” The answer is yes! These two products have been built to be integrated through APIs. That’s something you could actually do today.

How to watch the QlikWorld 2023 Product Roadmap session

If you missed the Product Roadmap — or if you want to watch it again — you can find it in the QlikWorld Livestream available on-demand from Qlik. When you register, you’ll get access to main stage content recorded on Day 1 and Day 2 of QlikWorld 2023. The Product Roadmap session is on Day 2.

Once you’ve seen it, explore Talend in the cloud for yourself with a 14-day Talend trial.