Eneria trailblazes real-time data synchronization with Talend Change Data Capture (CDC)

By Kate Speer

Eneria, a subsidiary of the Monnoyeur Group, is a leader in energy production and motorization solutions. As the exclusive Caterpillar dealer in France, they have developed notable and unique expertise in the field of generator sets, Caterpillar generators, inverters, and engines. As a well-established industry leader with over 870 employees across dozens of departments, Eneria knows the pivotal importance of interdepartmental communication — not just between employees, but between data. 

Old habits needed a new solution 

Operating like a well-oiled machine depends heavily on cooperation and synchronization between departments — and most importantly, between datasets. Finance relies on accounting data for financial reports and predictions, accounting reports rely on data from sales and HR; the list goes on. But to the dismay of the IT team, each department at Eneria was siloed in their own software or application.  

The roadblocks began to pile up quickly – soon there were six databases and 30+ applications in use. With so many redundant applications, weak communication between departments, and critical data stuck and siloed in departments, their once-manageable growing pains would quickly sabotage all operational efficiency if something wasn’t done.

Talend Change Data Capture is the highway to all our data and the pillar of our repository.
— Xavier Labarthe, IT Manager, Eneria

Eneria’s IT Manager, Xavier Labarthe, flagged the need for a holistic solution very early on “Even 20 years ago, we needed a solution to synchronize all the data used in the software and databases,” he explains. “The goal was not to force everyone to work on the same tool, but rather to connect all applications."  

Looking for a way to get updated, usable information flowing freely between departments, Labarthe’s team began to pioneer a new way of looking at data synchronization. 

Data in real time — ahead of its time 

Eneria began using Gamma Soft — now known as Talend CDC — early in the new millennium. As an early adopter, this gave them a head start on their digital transformation. A revolutionary concept at the time, they’ve been able to keep all data stored in a single repository and synchronized in real time.

"The performance, real-time convenience and, most importantly, the reliability of this technology is what sold us,” Labarthe says. “Talend CDC allows us to retrieve all the data from six different databases of the AS400, SQL, Microsoft or SQL type and routes them to a single database called the repository. Talend CDC then synchronizes the data from 30+ applications in real time.” 

Evolving flexibility with consistent results 

Over the years, Talend CDC has proved indispensable to internal and external operations — and is still heavily present in the daily operations of each department. “If real-time synchronization disappeared from our processes today, all teams would lose flexibility, agility, and productivity — impacting our performance greatly. This is a pivotal, high-performance tool,” notes Labarthe.  

Even external service providers benefit. All departments have seamless access to the freshest data in real time — enabling advanced analytics and innovative business intelligence that are key to keeping Eneria ahead of the data modernization curve. 

"Whatever the need, Talend CDC is the highway to all our data. It is the pillar of our repository. Each department is connected; they can draw from a single, interconnected data repository kept up to date in real time,” Labarthe concludes. “This contributes to accurate business intelligence across the company, producing accurate reports on company activity. It consults all the available performance indicators to make the right strategic decisions now — and well beyond our next 20 years.”

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