Breaking the Bias: Women at Talend

By Christal Bemont

Celebrating International Women’s Day at Talend has always been more than just checking a box. As a woman in executive leadership – and in a field traditionally dominated by men – it's always been a top priority for me to put action behind our intentions at Talend. Supporting women goes so much further than a day of recognition; it’s taking a day to really reflect on what it means, as an organization and as individuals, to support women through action. This year’s Women Day theme particularly hits home – Break the Bias. 

It's clear to me that the pandemic has exacerbated the bias toward working women. 

According to research from Deloitte, 66% of women report having the greatest responsibilities for home tasks and more than half of those with children say they handle the majority of childcare duties. In the same survey, 51% of women are less optimistic about their career prospects than before the pandemic. 

Stats like these are not really surprising. The pandemic and remote work brought unique challenges, but it also brought unique opportunities for flexibility – and the reality that an actual work-life balance isn’t one-size-fits-all. 

Talend has always been a strong supporter of working women — not through just a day of recognition, but by providing the flexibility, compassion, and respect we need to balance constant demands and responsibilities. 

We encourage everyone to express themselves openly and authentically in the workplace, and we lead by example to break these biases. We invest in our People teams, who are dedicated to finding and breaking down biases to keep us moving forward. Our recruiting and hiring processes are intentional, inclusive, and never focused on a quota – instead, building a well-represented group of people across our teams and leadership. 

The sheer number of women in our leadership and executive positions speaks for itself and sets us apart in our industry. We’ve made massive strides to ensure women are being compensated fairly, equally, and competitively. We are also offering mentorship opportunities within our organization to foster a culture of support across our diverse workforce. At Talend, women are hired because of the value they bring to our organization through their expertise and diverse opinions. Breaking this bias is what adds to our corporate culture. 

I’m proud to be a part of a global organization that is driving change, balance, and the opportunity to work alongside so many inspirational women. Here’s what a few of them had to add: 

Kathaleen Bryson – Senior Customer Success Manager (US) 

"This day is important because it recognizes women, not just locally or nationally but internationally who are doing great things now and for the future. We are effective and powerful, and we are not just taking a seat at the table —but making decisions. We can become anything we want: CEOs, VP of the United States, female pilots, prime ministers, astronauts, etc. We have no ceiling, yet we still fight for equal rights.   

This month provides a spotlight that encourages and influences women all over the world to achieve their dream and not be discouraged."

Julie Furt – Vice President, Global Delivery (US) 

"Working at Talend is all about teamwork. I'm constantly amazed by what we accomplish by incorporating a variety of perspectives, skills, and backgrounds."

On International Women's Day / Women's History Month:  

"Events that highlight women's history offer a different, and often untold, view into not only history but the varied experience we have today in both our private and professional lives. Bringing these experiences to light creates greater understanding and the opportunity to support everyone."

Joyce Miao – Senior People Business Partner (China) 

"For me, International Women's Day is a day for women all over the world to celebrate women's important contributions and achievements in the economic, political, and social fields.  

Today is a day for women in all continents, despite differences in national boundaries, race, language, culture, economy, and politics, to unite in their concern for women's human rights. It's a very meaningful day to be celebrated. I'm proud that's who we are."

Shawna Mathe - Senior Manager, People Operations (US) 

"It has been amazing to see Talend grow from a small start-up to a large global company with Talendians spread out all over the world. One of the things I enjoy most about being here is the incredibly diverse employee population, including working mothers. While working from home during the pandemic, my son can be seen in the background of our Zoom calls, popping into my office to say goodbye in the morning before school. I love that we’re allowed and encouraged to bring our authentic selves to work every day, and we normalize, encourage, and support diversity, including being a full-time working parent." 

Mio Yamamoto – Senior Field Marketing Manager (Japan) 

"I learned and am still learning a lot at Talend. Not only from the training occasions provided in and out of the company but also from new challenges and people I work with. 

When everyone in the world considers the situation and needs of women, mutual communication will occur and everyone will be able to live their lives in their own way and with mutual respect."

Elisabeth Sabot – Senior Director, Technical Publications (France) 

"Every day I'm amazed by our journey at Talend. Many years ago, I came in for the exciting challenge to work on disruptive products with a bunch of fun people. Since then, I stayed to work with all these amazing people and more that I met years after years!  We're strong together and continuously reinventing ourselves to keep on disrupting the data world! Being the only woman in the room at Talend for many years, Women's Day is special! This is the day we celebrate women, able to juggle with various careers, at work and at home. It's also being aware of how lucky I am to be a woman in France and at Talend, both places respecting what I am."

Pamela Sogge — Senior Director of Customer Success Transformation (US) 

"Working at Talend is an inspiration, with smart people allowed to expand their knowledge and bring about innovation. But more than that, it is an affirming inspiration to know and experience the balance point of humanity, authenticity, and technical innovation. Never in my (rather long) career have I been more supported and simultaneously challenged. As a woman in tech, it's an inspiration to experience the balance point of humanity, authenticity, and technical innovation like I do at Talend. I am more supported and simultaneously challenged than ever in my career."