Talend Data Fabric August ’20 release: Expanding cloud capabilities to meet the needs of today’s data citizens

Talend is excited to announce the latest improvements to Talend Data Fabric, including expanded cloud capabilities, in our August ’20 release. Talend now offers Talend Cloud Data Catalog hosted on Amazon’s AWS platform. It provides the same great features and functionality as our on-premises solution but with no on-premises installation for a complete SaaS solution for data governance. This release also includes improvements to Talend Management Console and expanded capabilities for Talend Cloud on Azure.

Talend Data Catalog


Cloud Data Catalog

Finding, cataloging, and curating scattered and siloed data assets is a challenge for any aspiring data-driven organization. According to Gartner, “by 2021, organizations that offer a curated catalog of internal and external data to diverse users will realize twice the business value from their data and analytics investments than those that do not.” With that in mind, Talend introduces Talend Cloud Data Catalog. Liberating data value requires a tight combination of powerful metadata management capabilities with the agility of cloud infrastructures. While keeping the same powerful features as the on-premises version, Talend Cloud Data Catalog benefits from improved capabilities to democratize data trust:

Easy to deploy: Hosting a data catalog in the cloud enables data teams to accelerate the deployment of data solutions and meet the growing demands of organizations to control data as soon as they can.

Easy to update and maintain: Migration and versioning are often pain points for IT managers. By relying on modern cloud-based architectures, they can avoid complex and lengthy maintenance operations and frequent requests for vendor support. The Cloud Data Catalog benefits from automated updates and rollouts of new features. These updates run smoothly on AWS or Azure cloud infrastructure.

Easy to access: Distributed organizations often find access to remote systems to be complex and time-consuming, leaving those organizations with frustrated data workers who are unable to solve and control data issues. Talend Cloud Data Catalog removes the hassle of complex legacy systems by liberating data access for any type of data consumer.


Talend Cloud Data Catalog is the latest addition to Talend’s cloud-based, unified platform, which provides unmatched ease of use and requires little maintenance and no on-premises footprint on your in-house infrastructure. Talend Cloud Data Catalog is the perfect SaaS solution for your organization’s data governance challenges.


Talend Cloud on Azure

The cloud integration platform you choose should not dictate the cloud service you use. That’s why we’ve expanded our cloud offering on Microsoft Azure. We’ve added the full capabilities of Talend Data Stewardship, Data Inventory, Data Preparation, and API Services (coming in September), and expanded the capabilities of Talend Management Console. Stay tuned for more great things to come from Talend Cloud on Microsoft Azure.


Talend Management Console

We’ve improved Talend Management Console to equip your business with the latest cloud integration technology. Whether on-premises, in the cloud, or taking advantage of a hybrid implementation, Talend Management Console provides the necessary tools to manage your data integration teams and projects with ease.

Security: Many of the questions that companies ask when talking about a cloud integration platform deal with security; in today’s data-driven environment, customers depend on software providers to protect their personal information. We’ve added two notable security measures. IP allow lists let organizations restrict access to Talend Cloud to only trusted IP addresses. If an IP address is not on the allow list, it cannot access your Talend Cloud account. We also tightened security around the password type in context variables; now the password value is encrypted for better protection.

Audit: Regulatory compliance is something all organizations must address. Talend offers a unique Audit Logging API service that allows organizations to monitor activities on Talend Cloud applications. With this service, companies can ensure data security and manage regulatory compliance risks by performing advanced security analytics on audit logs that are easily collected and stored on premises. With further enhanced logging features, such as setting the logging level when creating or editing a task, your organization can have full control of traceability to maintain compliance.

Orchestration: A new public API v2.1 expands the public API capabilities in Talend Management Console. Users can list artifacts and orchestrate tasks and plan lifecycles through commands to update, delete, stop schedule, and list executions based on status or date. Whether you’re scheduling tasks directly in Talend Management Console or accessing the console through the new public API v2.1, Talend gives you the flexibility to manage schedules and tasks the way that works best for your organization. Further, Talend now allows routes and data service deployments on Remote Engine clusters. This enables organizations to build and deploy microservices in a highly available environment. For more detail, watch this video.



Other improvements

Connectivity: Talend continues to deliver connectivity to new data sources, including Azure Event Hubs, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft Dynamics 365, and NetSuite. Further, a REST connector in the cloud allows you to send HTTP requests and receive responses. By setting a polling interval to consume a REST API, this new REST connector enables you to create a streaming pipeline.

Data Inventory: We’ve made Data Inventory more powerful and easier to use. With faceted search capabilities, dataset tagging, and search bookmarks, it’s now easier than ever to find the datasets you’re looking for and share them across your organization. Improvements to local file imports eliminate the need to fill in a dataset creation form. When you drag and drop a file into Data Inventory, the software automatically detects parameters, and the data immediately opens in the dataset overview. Also, we’ve added in-product chat to Data Inventory so users can get immediate answers to any issues they may have. You can directly contact a Talend agent through chat with the Talend Support widget, available with Gold support and above (some restrictions may apply).



Expand your cloud capabilities with Talend Data Fabric

Whether you’re a data integration specialist needing to innovate faster or a data officer needing to enforce compliance across your organization, Talend continues to provide the tools and insights you need to deliver results. The improvements in the Talend Data Fabric August ’20 release provide expanded cloud capabilities and enhance an already robust cloud platform. Talend Cloud Data Catalog delivers a complete data governance application to the cloud as a full SaaS solution with ease of use, automated maintenance, and no installation required. Talend Management Console provides continuous improvements through security and logging enhancements while simplifying orchestration. Finally, adding platform capabilities on Microsoft Azure ensures Talend users can build anything and deploy anywhere.


For a complete list of Talend’s latest improvements, visit help.talend.com and click on Release Notes.

For more information on how Talend can help your organization achieve data clarity, contact your local account representative now!


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