Capturing data intelligence at first sight with Talend Data Inventory

Think about your experience when you book a hotel room, order a taxi, or purchase something online. You reach the best offer in a few clicks and you get additional guidance with ratings so you can predict the quality of the goods or services you’re buying. It’s really helpful to have all that additional information. So why don’t we get a similar experience when consuming data?

Well, now you can. Welcome to Talend Data Inventory. This is our new cloud native application within Talend Data Fabric. It is currently accessible in our Early Adopter Program and in General Availability in April in Talend Cloud on AWS, and then later in Q2 on Azure. It accelerates data-to-value with automated and searchable dataset documentation, quality proofing, and promotion. It captures data silos across data sources, targets them, and then turns them into reusable, shareable data assets with a single point of governance and access.

With Data inventory, datasets are augmented with an automatically calculated Trust Score that delivers an instant assessment of your data health and accuracy, based on data quality, data popularity and user-defined ratings. This means that not only does Data Inventory accelerate access to data but also allows you to assess its relevance and trustworthiness at first sight.

See below how Data Inventory visualizes available datasets with their Trust Scores, User Ratings, Data Quality Ratings, Endorsements…


Data Inventory


Using advanced search technologies, Talend Data Inventory delivers immediate access to the right data for anyone and cuts the times it takes to find and consume the data you need. As you can see below, you can filter data based and their trust score, average ratings, etc.

 Imagine a user who wants to find data in the customer domain with the highest trust score for his analytics, or the data owner of this domain who wants to find the data with the lowest trust score to delete or curate them.


Data Inventory


Data collaboration now becomes something that everyone can do. Anyone — from data practitioners to data consumers — can tag, rate, or comment on data sets exposed in Data Inventory. Data owners can also add descriptions, endorsements, and custom attributes.

In addition to automatic data profiling and crowdsourced ratings, Data Inventory also monitors the popularity and shareability of the data.  Leveraging all this information makes it super easy for a data consumer to find and search the perfect and trusted data based on his needs.

Once a user discovers a dataset, he gets access to the data set ID Card shown below, which brings even deeper insights to the underlying data so he can focus on what’s essential: extracting value out of the data.


Data Inventory

But this experience doesn’t stop at merely finding the data. Because Data Inventory is tightly integrated with Pipeline Designer and Data Preparation, everyone can dive into the data, taking immediate actions on the datasets and turning them into valuable insights.

See below how the same dataset inventory pops up across the new Data Inventory “stand-alone” application, Pipeline Designer, and Data Preparation.

Data Inventory

Using Data Inventory, making data meaningful and trustworthy suddenly becomes effortless, systematic and automatic. Any data professional can easily find and leverage trusted data sets to transform previous inert and siloed data sets into actionable and valuable insights. Data Inventory reinvents collaboration for the benefits of data- driven organizations. 


Learn more about Talend Data Inventory here or contact me through LinkedIn if you want to try it out as an early adopter before its general availability by end of April.


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