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Hello Talend Superheroes!!! Hope all of you are enjoying your time in Talend realm playing with different types of data. Many of you are old-timers of Talend, but everyday new developers are happily joining the band to learn about various superpowers related to data. Like any superhero movie, there is a learning curve to understand and manage the newly acquired capabilities the right way. As Uncle Ben said, “With great power come great responsibility.” Being an Avenger fan, the first thing that comes to my mind is the Spidey Suit given to Peter Parker so that he can hone his newly acquired superpowers in a controlled manner ?

Talend Academy – Your own data superpower training suit

In Talend World, the best way to learn various data processing superpowers is through Talend Academy. Talend makes sure that developers of both customers and partners are benefitting from the Talend learning platform. The details for the Talend academy can be accessed from below links.




Customer Website



Partner Website



Talend Academy


Talend Academy provides amazing learning experiences even for budding data superheroes who are new to the data realm. Some of the key features of this awesome learning platform include:

  • All-you-can-learn access to 180+ hours of online training
  • Instantly available, cloud-based virtual machines (VMs)
  • Fully functional, preinstalled Talend software
  • Just-in-time training for licensed Talend software users


Industry veterans have already taken note of this initiative and Talend academy was recognized by 2019 CEdMA Innovation Award for outstanding innovation in education business methods or practices. The details of the press release can be referred from this link.


Talend Solution Templates

Talend Solution Templates are the new way to get started quickly with Talend integration projects once the developers complete the initial set of learning plans from Talend academy. The Solution Templates are fully functional practical projects that developers can import into their studio to speed up their development, while leveraging already built-in job design best practices. Developers will benefit from fully customized real-world solutions and can extend or replicate these examples within their projects.

Talend Solution Templates


The solution templates focus on specific integration patterns like ingestion and transformation of data from various source systems to the data lake. Each solution template provides fully functional Talend code base along with associated documentation as shown below.

Talend Solution Templates

Note: We provide an associated PDF for each solution template in a companion to the downloadable zip file.

Let us take a simple example of Salesforce to Snowflake Incremental Lift and Shift Template job. The zip file of the Talend Solution template provides fully functional Talend jobs to extract data from Salesforce and load them to Snowflake. The jobs illustrate Talend data extraction flows for 17 major Salesforce objects in recommended methodology.

Talend Solution Templates


Associated documentation for templates comes in handy for Talend Developers who are interested in knowing the details of each stage of the template job.

Talend Solution Templates


Talend Solution Template Library is growing quickly, so keep an eye out regularly for new template jobs that will appear in the above space for integrating an immense variety of different systems.


Free Solution Template Modules for the budding data superheroes

Talend academy is quite happy to welcome all Talend developers (a.k.a. data superheroes) to try the Talend Solution Templates. You can register for a free trial as shown below.

Talend Solution Templates


Talend is happy to announce the following modules are currently available in free tier version of Talend Solution Templates.


  1. Context Management Common Framework
  2. Salesforce to Snowflake Incremental Lift and Shift
  3. Salesforce to Amazon Redshift Incremental Lift and Shift
  4. Salesforce to Microsoft Azure SQL DWH Incremental Lift and Shift

Talend Solution Templates


I hope all of you enjoy the new feature in your Talend Superhero Suit and get to try it out, soon.
Until the next super blog topic, enjoy your time using Talend!


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