5 best practices to innovate at speed in the Cloud: Tip #5 Accelerate data delivery to third party applications and teams through APIs

5 best practices to innovate at speed in the Cloud: Tip #5 Accelerate data delivery to third party applications and teams through APIs

  • David Talaga
    David Talaga is Senior Product Marketing Manager for Data Governance at Talend. David has a rich and diverse marketing experience, including strategic, field, and product marketing roles in data-driven organizations. After graduating from EDHEC, David started his career as a Data analyst in the Healthcare Industry. In 2000, he joined Dassault Systèmes where he held several senior positions, notably heading up the technology partnership program in Augmented Reality and the strategic alliance with Microsoft. In 2006, David joined Microsoft as Product Marketer for the Software Engineering Product Line. In 2014, he became Marketing Manager for a new EdTech Offering at John Wiley and Sons before joining Talend as Product Marketing for Data Governance Solutions.

Starting last September, The Talend Blog Team started sharing fruitful tips to securely kick off your data project in the cloud at speed.  This week, we’re concluding the series with the fifth and last capability: Accelerate data delivery to third party applications and teams through APIs.


Billions of times each day, application programming interfaces (APIs) facilitate the transfer of data between people and systems, serving as the fabric that connects businesses with customers, suppliers, and employees. Having the right API strategy in place can make the difference between success and failure when it comes to utilizing APIs to deliver results, reduce response times, and improving process efficiency.

An API is a building block of code that helps programmers connect their applications to data services. Once data is accessible through an API, it can be reused in a controlled way by potentially anyone within and beyond an organization.

Why it’s important

Digital transformation doesn’t stop with analytics. Organizations need to deliver trusted data into everything they do, across their operations and as part of customers experiences. APIs significantly improve the value of your data by making it ubiquitous, allowing any applications and connected services to embed themselves in an easy and sustainable way.


 When it’s important

APIs are the small bricks that build successful consumer or user experience. An API makes data actionable because it brings all the needed data together into applications to trigger actions or guide human interactions. Whether we are making a purchase, looking for a new doctor, or checking a book out of the library, every stakeholder in the transaction can benefit from APIs.


Our recent data trust readiness report reveals that only 43% of Management level is fully confident about the ability of their organization to accelerate data delivery to third party applications and teams. The rate falls to 28% among operational data workers.

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How Talend tools can help

With the transformation of the retail industry, frictionless methods of payments, PSD2 and the Open Banking Standard, organizations need to continue to improve their API strategy, ensure security and transactions in the cloud. 

Increased reliance on APIs, as well as the shift toward open source, REST, and cloud-native API technologies mean that companies need a comprehensive API solution to stay competitive and remain ahead of the technology curve. 


Talend Cloud API Services

Talend Cloud API Services brings full development lifecycle support—from design to deployment for APIs—to Talend Cloud.  Now, you can build APIs in days not months and extend your platform to new business models and partners so you can get ahead of the next wave of data services and data monetization with Talend Cloud.

Talend API Cloud Services

Figure 1: Easily Test APIs with Cloud API Service


How to get started

Read this comprehensive guide about API to learn how to build an API Platform strategy at your company.

Watch this short video on how to share data at scale and see how to:

·       Design APIs faster with the graphical API Designer Accelerate testing through live API preview and iterative prototyping

·       Add data quality, advanced routing, and transformation with Talend Studio

·       Enable DevOps and deploy anywhere


 Want to explore more capabilities?

This is the last of five speed capabilities series. Go and download our Trust Data Readiness Report to discover other findings and the other 9 trust and speed capabilities.


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